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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Morning Song Gardens,

My name is Michelle Long and I am a 19 year old college student located in Greensboro, North Carolina, originally from New Jersey. I'm writing to you to THANK YOU for everything your product has done for me. As a kid, I had eczema on my arms, behind my legs, and on the back of my neck. This went away while I was still young and only just returned when I went away to college last year. I've struggled with eczema and trying to control it. It seemed the only time my flare-ups would clear is when I was at the beach or using an expensive cream my dermatologist prescribed!! I came across this fantastic company in Columbia, South Carolina at a craft show with my mother who liked the product and wanted to try it out. I AM SO GLAD WE DID! I have used the Bee Balm Cream for Face, Hand, and Body (Calendula Pomegranate) on my face before and loved how soft it made my skin feel. I recently had a VERY bad eczema flare-up about 6 days ago (last Friday) and have been using this lotion every day since. My skin is moisturized and clear. The results are absolutely amazing!! My family and friends are completely astonished by the before and after picture I have stitched together. I just want to thank you again SO much for this product. I love everything about it and I will most definitely be a customer for life.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

 Louise&Fred, I wanted to share one of my horrible experiences with you,, and how your lotion ( I used fresh citrus) SAVED my skin!!!!
Sometimes last year I decided to have a Glycolic acid peel ( one of the mildest) ,,, I was told it was organic, natural and totally safe for super sensitive skin like mine... As soon, as I had it applied, my face was on FIRE... I was reassured by the staff that it was a normal reaction and that burning sensation will subside shortly.Well, the pain was getting worse and unbearable, (I rather not mention my mental sate at that time) and then I remembered my wonderful fresh citrus moisturizer, and let me tell you : WOW,, as soon as I applied the cream,,the burning pain went away and it felt soooo amazing against my skin... It had a cooling and calming effect ( both mentally and physically:))... 
  I can't tell you, how thankful I was that I had your wonderful and miraculous product right there, in my hands,, ,, and thanked God for your existence,, and for my friends existence who recommended your product,,, wow,  just moments before that, ,I seriously thought that I had ruined my skin for life.. I kept applying it through out the day and before sleep,, and before you know it,, the skin started healing,, and within one week,, I had my face back:) and LOVED my fresh citrus balm more than anything :) 
Thank you thank you thank you,,,,, I' ll be your customer for LIFE,, my daughter and I are using it daily,, and she too loves your products so much,,,, I would pay any amount for this kind of quality.. I was in Europe for a while, and everyone there ( that I let try cream) loved it sooo much,, I was worried it would get stolen from me,,,please think about sharing your miracle overseas too!!!!!!
Attached are my pictures,,, so you get a visual too,,, first one was right after I left the spa,, second one or two days later,, third just before it healed completely and last one ,, when my skin was totally healed!!!  
P.S.Please rename your product to " MIRACLE in the gardens!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, December 17, 2010

Did you know

 One pound of honey equals the life work of approximately 300 bees and a flight distance of 2 to 3 times around the world?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Beeswax is used by many trades to provide solutions to multiple problems. Wood workers use it to lubricate saw blades and screws as one example; it is used in cosmetics, and has many other applications.