Nutrition for the Skin

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

If you look at the label of many high-end organic facial products, honey—and beeswax—will be among the top ingredients. That's because honey's benefits to the skin are prolific! Few other natural ingredients do so much to repair, restore and nourish your skin like honey and beeswax. Beeswax in particular is a powerful, soothing element that even promotes healing. Here’s a look at some of the amazing benefits of using beeswax and honey on the skin:

Pore cleansing and exfoliation

Honey and beeswax, used together, are a dynamic pore cleansing and exfoliation combination. Honey opens the pores and draws out oily buildups and blackheads, while beeswax scrubs them clean. Both are anti-inflammatory, with antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. These natural ingredients do a better job of fighting outbreaks and acne than most formulated products, without exposing your skin to abrasive chemicals!

Exfoliation is where beeswax shines—literally! The microstructures of beeswax actually buff away dead cells and rejuvenate healthy skin, giving you a natural glow. While chemical exfoliators can leave skin smooth but dull, beeswax stimulates your complexion to uplift its appearance.

Nourishing hydration and moisturization

Moisturization is part of every good skin care routine. Everything from dry air to hard water, to your diet affects the moisture levels in your skin. Unfortunately, most people tend to have dry skin as a result. Without proper moisture your skin can crack, flake or wrinkle- leaving you with lackluster complexion.

Enter: beeswax and honey! Raw honey contains natural humectants and emollients—two compounds that rehydrate skin and help it retain moisture levels throughout the day. Even after you wash away a honey mask or honey-fortified soap, these compounds remain, going to work for the benefit of your complexion.

Beeswax also plays a major role in natural hydration and moisturization. After washing your face, a beeswax-based moisturizer can help to protect pores and lock-in moisture. The result is smooth, supple skin that’s safeguarded against all those detractors that work so hard to dry it out.

Healing and anti-aging properties

It’s impossible to stop aging… but honey and beeswax come about as close as you can to slowing its effects down! Few compounds in the natural world have the powerful combination of probiotics, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes that honey and beeswax do. Used together, beeswax and honey's benefits for the skin include minimization of wrinkles and age spots.

For people with scars, psoriasis patches or acne marks, beeswax is a must-have in all facial care products. Because of its buffing and nourishing effects, beeswax is proven to downplay scars and inflammation, which can restore your confidence by giving you radiant, supple skin.

Experience beeswax and honey benefits for the skin

It’s clear there’s no more dynamic duo than beeswax and honey when it comes to natural, organic skin care products. With so many beeswax and honey benefits for the skin, there’s no reason to use harsh cleansers or formulated moisturizers. Everything you need to care for your skin can be found right inside a honeycomb.

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