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Did you know that beeswax and honey as facial moisturizers go back to the 18th and 19th centuries? Women affected by smallpox scarring would melt beeswax and cover their faces with it, letting it harden. Then, they would peel it off, revealing smoother skin that was less pockmarked and scarred.

Today, people use beeswax and honey for a wide variety of facial cleaning and moisturizing purposes. The benefits go far beyond remedying scarring and acne marks! Take a look at why these natural compounds are so effective as nourishing facial products.

Facial skin is highly sensitive

Compare the skin on your cheek to the skin on the sole of your foot or your shoulder. There’s a big difference in thickness and strength. The skin on your face is extremely sensitive, and it varies in thickness—from your forehead, to around your eyes, to your cheeks and chin. Needless to say, facial skin demands delicate care.

Unfortunately, too many facial skin cleaning and moisturizing products contain abrasive chemicals. As a result, we end up doing more long-term damage to our skin in pursuit of short-term benefits. The real solution to getting both is using natural products, certified safe for even the most sensitive skin. That’s where beeswax and honey come in!

Beeswax and honey are among the gentlest cleansing and hydrating compounds out there. They’re even packed with benefits that make them perfectly suited to facial use—they’re antimicrobial and antibacterial, and packed with antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics. They deliver cleanliness, hydration and protection to even the most sensitive skin without causing inflammation or long-term damage.

Threefold cleaning, moisturizing and protection regimen

Most people have a facial skin care regimen that’s multi-step and time intensive. They spend time cleaning, then exfoliating, then masking, then hydrating, then protecting, and so on. It can take hours and hours each week! Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of time or patience.

Using beeswax and honey for face cleansing and moisturizing consolidates a comprehensive regimen down to a few simple steps that don’t take much time at all. It’s because they’re both humectants and emollients—they moisturize and protect the skin in tandem. Instead of using half a dozen products for skin care, a person can use one or two beeswax- or honey-based products that compound the benefits of one another. For example:

  • A honey scrub that opens pores, cleanses them and hydrates the skin.
  • A beeswax exfoliant that buffs away dead cells and gives skin a healthy shine.
  • A moisturizer that includes both, to restore elasticity and preserve moisture.

The combination of beeswax and honey makes an unbeatable approach to skincare that’s effective at remedying just about any issue—from acne scars and pockmarks, to wrinkles and rough patches, to dull or sallow skin!

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Beeswax and honey for face cleansing and moisturizing is almost universally beneficial. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, scarring, inflammation, wrinkles or some other imperfection you’re working to manage or minimize, these natural ingredients will enhance natural beauty. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the amazing products below!


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