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I was introduced to the Bee balm cream (Lavenser Vanilla) when I had an allergic reaction to the sun, and it was the ONLY thing that immediately calmed not only the pain, but the inflammation, and made my skin glow. After that, I was HOOKED. I use it twice a day. Wash face with their gentle bar of soap, then spritz with their rose water which acts as a toner, then I follow up with the Lavender/ Vanilla bee balm cream. I use on face and neck. The smell is very calming and my skin tends to like it even more than the original bee balm. Could just be my preference.  My skin always looks incredibly smooth and glowy. I am so grateful to have found these products that are non toxic and straight from God’s divine nature for us!!! God bless the owner of this company!!! I will never use another brand.  Lucy                                                                                                                       

Face Cream Daily Repair - I have been using this lotion paired with the hemp oil and the black face wash. The entire texture of my skin has changed. All of the sun damage and stress lines are fading and looking less defined. My skin stay moisturized for the whole day and my acne has cleared the with exception of a few hormonal breakouts. Even the hormonal breakouts are not nearly what they used to be. I will live and die by this company and their products!!!BEST EVER!!!!!
YAH! FINALLY!  I'm in my mid-30s and have had sensitive, acne-prone skin for nearly 20 years. Over the years, I've spent so much money buying all the fancy expensive products, and then one day I saw this (Face Cream Daily Repair) at the farmer's market and decided to give it a try. My skin LOVES this stuff - the daily repair cream and the bar soap (white clay). I've been using both of these for about seven months now, and not only has my skin improved, but I love that I'm saving so much money, supporting a local business, and reducing my carbon footprint. Morning Song Gardens has brought an ease, joy, and simplicity to my skincare routine that works wonders on my skin, heart, and wallet. Thank you!
Fantastic Product! I discovered this lotion (Bee Balm Cream Fragrance Free) a few years ago at a local store and fell in love with it. It’s truly the best I’ve ever used. I love the simple, nourishing ingredients, and it’s extremely moisturizing without being the least bit greasy- The formula is perfect. I also really appreciate the fragrance free option, which only has a pleasant scent of the beeswax.
Thanks for providing such a great product!
Awesome Hand Cream! This is the best hand cream (Bee Balm Cream- Almond Vanilla) I have ever used! Growing up, I had eczema on my hands really badly and at night had to sleep with a glove or sock on my hand with prescription cream. It got better as I got older, but never really went away. This cream has made my hands SO SOFT ALL THE TIME! I use it in the morning and at night and have not had chapped hands or an eczema flair up since I started using it. Bravo for developing a cream that is not only natural, but actually works!!
Best Lip Balm Hands Down! I have been using this lip balm (Calendula Pomegranate) in the morning for a couple of years and do not need to reapply it during the day. They say that lip balm can be addictive, but this one is natural and actually keeps dry lips away. Thank you for developing a great all-natural product that keeps my lips really soft!
This oil (Hemp Seed Black Cumin) has lightened my age spots. I noticed it immediately and my skin is looking better than ever. I am 74 years old and have been using products from this company for 10 years. The very expensive skin products can't compare. I use it 2 times a day every day. Great products.
This soap (Honey & Cream Olive Oil Soap, Fragrance Free) has been a lifesaver for my daughter's sensitive, allergy prone skin. 6 months ago, my daughter (1 at the time) was broken out in a horrible rash/hives all over her body (literally everywhere). The soap we used on her prior from elsewhere got discontinued and we tried about 4 other kinds with no luck. A friend recommended this, and my daughter's skin started clearing up after 1 use. Now at 19 months old her skin is back to baby smooth and it's all thanks to the milk & honey bar!
Love this product! (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) Nice fragrance and consistency. I use it on many areas that are parched or dry. Nicest people as well! Glad I discovered Morning Song Gardens.

  I wanted to say, I am a new customer this past month. I have already placed five orders. I have tried what seems like everything for my sensitive dry allergy prone skin. Your soap, face cream, aragon oil have transformed my skin in mere weeks! We found you through a lady in our office. Thank you for making natural products that actually help people. My skin was really suffering from ezcema, dry patches, tightness, itchiness, blotchiness, acne and was I was having so much discomfort. That has all gone away and even my dark circles are gone. I can't say enough, thank you!
Brandy Minister from Delaware OH


  I wanted to say, I am a new customer this past month.
I have already placed five orders. I have tried what seems like everything for my sensitive dry allergy prone skin. Your soap, face cream, aragon oil have transformed my skin in mere weeks! We found you through a lady in our office. Thank you for making natural products that actually help people. My skin was really suffering from ezcema, dry patches, tightness, itchiness, blotchiness, acne and was I was having so much discomfort. That has all gone away and even my dark circles are gone. I can't say enough, thank you!
Brandy from Delaware OH

 Bee Balm Face Cream - The best face moisturizer I have ever used! I’m a 60 year old female and this has evened out my skin tone and cleared up rough dry patches on my face. I believe this is miraculous! 


Love the Men's Soap! 

I just want to say I love the mens soap bars, the scents are so uplifting and rejuvenating. They’re the only soaps I can use with my sensitive skin. I’ve tried many other brands and they either dry me out or irritate my skin. Your mens soaps do wonders for my skin! Im a fellow Ohioan and I love being able to support a local family business. Please don’t get rid of any of the mens soap bars! Thanks for all you guys do! Customer for life, Jordan.

 Hello! I stopped at your booth at the IX center as a first time customer and stocked up on some products. I’m absolutely blown away and I had to share. Your products truly work for me and they have such fresh scents! They have quickly become some of my favorites. I also have to add that Morning Song Gardens has such a lovely team. I can definitely say that I’ll be a long time customer. I’m so happy I came across your booth. Happy Holidays!


Incredible!  had a heat rash that wouldn't respond to other creams, cortisone, etc. and after using the Bee Balm Calendula Pomegranate Cream, it's totally gone! It's also been a miracle worker for taking the itch out of bee stings and mosquito bites.

Amy S.

Best Sore Muscle Cream! I use this all the time after a hard days work or workout (Sore Muscle & Joint Cream).  It is absorbed immediately and help relieve those sore muscles.  If I use it at night before bed, the soreness is gone by morning!!!


Best Facial Soap! This soap (Black Clay Facial Soap) is amazing at keeping acne at bay! After using multiple soaps, scrubs, and peels to help clear up acne I decided to try this soap! It took only a few weeks to notice the difference in my skin! I'm so thankful and tell everyone I know to order a bar! Thank you!


Product is Magical! As a woman in my late 30's I have tried every product to keep mild acne at bay as well as promoting a beautiful, youthful glow. This product (Facial Oil - Hemp Seed / Black Cumin) is the answer to my decade long search! It took about 30 days to start seeing results but my skin has never looked better! I use this product after cleaning with the Black Clay Facial Soap!


Fantastic Soap! I absolutely love this soap (Men's North Woods SSS). Great lather, great feeling, and just enough fragrance. Can't beat it. As an aside...I have also purchased the A Helping Hand glide on body lotion bar (Hard Workin' Hands), and love this product as well. Great for skin, and I also use it as a beard wax. Works perfectly when rubbed on my beard and combed through. Highly recommend both the soap and the lotion!


My son had a very bad diaper rash - I took him to his pediatrician, who prescribed an anti fungal, plus tried some popular name brand diaper rash ointments; it would get a little better, but never go away, despite making sure his diaper was changed immediately when needed. I ordered the morning song garden baby bee balm cream (after trying the calendula cream a couple years ago myself and loving it for dry skin)- it literally cleared completely within 2 days and has not come back! It is worth every penny to not see him so miserable. Highly recommend this product!


Long Lasting! These are the best tea lights for wax melts. They last at least 5 hours. I don't have to worry about the candle burning out after an hour! Good quality, burns all the way until nothing is left.


Wonderful for Sensitive Skin! Use this every single day (Fragrance Freedom Lotion Bar) on my extremely sensitive skin, along with many of their products. They even sent along three small soap samples with my recent order! Particularly love the white clay- avocado + colloidal facial soap! Grateful for this amazing local company!


Bright and Moisturizing! Bought this lotion bar (How Orange Met Ginger) as a gift and they use it every single day! The container is convenient to carry in your bag and the scent is bright, fresh and not overwhelming. It is extremely moisturizing and can be used as a massage bar!


Impressive! Bought this product (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) after falling in love with their Face Cream. Experienced quick relief and it smells amazing. Feel so lucky to have a truly great natural and local alternative to other muscle relief balms!


Truly the Best Cream! Came across this Bee Balm Face Cream at Jungle Jim's, bought it on a whim. I have super sensitive skin so I wasn't sure how it would go but WOW. On my second month using it and my skin has never looked better. Gifted this face cream to four people with various skin types and they all love it. Thank you so much!! 


Good Local Product (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub)! We first came across this product at the Home and Flower Show and really liked it, just the smell is theraputic.  The past few years we were was unable to find it at any booth.  I checked the jar and contacted the vendor who is not far from where we live.  YEAH, was able to order and receive it.  This is a product I would recommend


The Best! Firstly, I want to let everyone know that I'm a self-proclaimed/friend-identified lip balm connoisseur. It has to be the right texture/consistency both on the application and when it warms on your lips, not too much shine (just ever so slight), doesn't require 1 million applications unless you eat or drink, minimal scent/flavor, doesn't' dry out your lips, low PRICE and honestly, the list goes on. This is my favorite lip balm. It's my 3rd time purchasing the Almond Vanilla in-store/online and genuinely the only thing that converted me from my $24 lip balm habit. Super happy my sister introduced this to me and I listened because I usually don't take recommendations. I hope MSG never changes the formulation or profile and makes this FOREVER :-) 

The best lip balm

Amazing! The large Pine Cone Beeswax Candle is incredibly good value and it smells AMAZING!


So Soft. This oil (Argan Pomegranate) is wonderful! It absorbs immediately and leaves my skin feeling like velvet - not at all greasy. I'm very pleased with this product.


Wonder Cream! My sister and I both absolutely love this cream (Lavender Vanilla)! It is a favorite of ours to use at bedtime. I use it on my feet and sometimes hands. It's genuine lavender aroma is so relaxing and lovely. It has made my feet incredibly soft and helps to me to feel calm and fall asleep :).


Love, love, love your product  

Good Morning! My sister and I met you at Yankee Peddler several years back and you sold us on the spot!  Not only is your product awesome, your genuine support was noticed and we now look for those that appreciate their customers as well as have a great product.  In today's world, we need to support our small businesses and for you, I am grateful! We bought your products and it's been in my cabinet ever since.  It's always nice to hear from your customers so I thought I would spread some good vibes in this crazy time we live in.

Hope your family is safe and Happy Holidays!


Daily dose of Care: I'm pretty particular about my facial soaps so I was a bit reluctant. So happy I gave this a shot (Rose Clay Facial Soap). Not only does it not dry out my skin, but it gently exfoliates each time I use it. My skin is brighter because of it. And the lather is so incredibly rich. I will be buying this again. 


Massage Lotion Bar  I have problems with dry skin on my feet.  This is absolutely the best product I have ever used.  I highly recommend.  Oh yes, I have used several Morning Song Garden products and every one has been outstanding.  Also, customer service is the best.  


Natural moisturizer at it's best! (Bee Balm Cream Frankincense & Myrrh) I spent several years in the Skin Correction business. There is nothing I have found that helps correct and condition the skin like Morning Song Gardens Bee Balm Cream. I use it all over my body it's fabulous!!


Back for more! Discovered Morning Gardens at the Shaker Square Farmer Market and impulsively bought the argan pomegranate facial oil and discovered an oil that felt and smelled great, and with just a few drops, absorbed easily over my entire face and helped keep face smoother and moisturized (I tend to dry, even in summer). Found site online (glad I kept the packaging!) and ordered more oil (haven't had to crack it open bottle lasts, with my twice daily use, for about 2 months) and a few other things which I have yet to try out. Will try to review those when I have response.


I can’t say enough good things about this place. Their products are AMAZING. I have a lot of medical issues including allergies to many fragrances. These issues also cause my skin to shred itself, lips included, and dry me out horribly. Before I found MSG products in a local store, I’d go through an entire tube of chapstick every 2-3 weeks. I was buying quality brands but nothing could keep up with the Sahara like conditions of my body. I also went through super heavy duty location like it was water. But with MSG products, they’re so effective, I save a fortune and feel better. An absolute win, especially as they’re local and independent, which I highly value. The 5 pack of their chapstick lasts me 9-12 months, more than 4 times longer than normal high quality chapstick would. And when I use the lotion bars at night, it helps seal in the moisture from a lighter lotion and the combo helps immensely. With my skin cracking less, I’m not getting the constant skin infections I used to have which has helped me feel so much better. It also makes it possible for me to do hydrotherapy which has helped my physical health immensely. (If my skin is ripped open, a public pool isn’t an option as I’m a high infection risk.) The products might cost more on the surface, but when you’re investing in quality products, you save a ton in the long run. As for my allergies, they carry almost everything in an unscented version and also have a single lighter scent, the almond honey (I think that’s the name?), that has just a faint touch of fragrance without overwhelming you in the slightest. I love having options. Like I said, I can’t sing their praises enough


Great Stuff ( Fragrance Free Shower, Shave, Shampoo Bar)!  Really like this soap...for shaving, showing, shampoo. Not cheap, but totally worth it. REAL SOAP. My skin appreciates it. So does my hair and face.


Great Product! (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) We were introduced to this product at a time when I was having some challenges with rotator cuff and this was the only product I tried that relieved the discomfort.  We have since used this product for a number of issues and it always provides prompt, excellent relief.  Highly recommend it!


Game changer! I live in Colorado, this product  (Massage LoTon Bar - Bee Necessitire) is a game changer to my dry aging skin., within 2 days the dry barnacles on my back and legs are gone.LOVE IT


Best Cream for Child Eczema! ( Bee Balm Cream Fragrance Free) This is the only thing that works for my daughter who has struggled with eczema since she was one. When we put it in between elbows, behind knees and ears and on her neck right after a bath, her skin becomes completely hydrated again. Thank you for this wonderful product! 


Keep dry skin away! I found this product (Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream) a few years back at a local health food store.  When that store went out of business, I was able to find it at Whole Foods.  Since the shutdown, I haven't been doing much in store shopping, so I was VERY excited to find Morning Song Gardens online!  I have been using the Bee Balm Cream for years!  I used to have dry skin to the point that my skin would break open and bleed in the winter.  I put this on my hands every night and every morning.  I love this product!!


Really helps (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub), This is one of the best joint rubs I have found. Not only does it really relieve the arthritis in my hands, it doesn’t smell like the typical eucalyptus based ointments that so many products contain. No one can tell that I’m doing something for stiffness since it smells so good.


Multipurpose: I love this cream! (Frankincense & Myrrh) So moisturizing. I put it on my face and I feel like my skin glows. I apply it to my thigh where I have nerve damage and it helps the pain go away. I put it on my cuts and they heal quickly. 

Audra L.

Amazing (Baby Olive Oil Soap)! I've had a long battle with keratosis Pilaris. This soap gave my skin a whole new look and softness I've never experienced but have always dreamed of. This soap as well as the Honey & Cream Fragrance Free olive oil made a huge improvement. Redness and dryness are almost completely cleared up with daily use. I use this on my 18 month old twins and their skin is so clean and unbelievably soft after. The delicate hint of lavender is amazing! Thank you Morning Song for providing a soap that works wonders in so many ways. Love knowing I'm using a product with natural ingredients.


Incredible Oil (Facial Oil - Hemp Seed/Black Cumin)! I have never followed any kind of facial regiment. I do use Morning Song Gardens cream on my face when I remember and decided to use the facial oil because I am getting older...... This oil is amazing! No oily feel to it AT ALL! I have very oily skin and I feel nothing on my face. I use it in the morning and at night and I have to tell you, my facial skin is smoother, the ruby cheeks (blood vessels) are toned down. I would recommend this oil to anyone who is hesitant about putting anything on their oily face. I love ALL Morning Song Gardens products - have been using them for a long time...... Thank you!


The best for aches and stiffness (Sore Muscle and Joint Rub). This is the best product for waking up with a stiff neck and other pain. It has a nice smell and is not offensive. It doesn't burn my skin. Just use a small amount. It keeps me from taking pain medications. Get up, put it on, pour your coffee or tea and before you know it, the pain is gone. Don't let this fool you, a little goes a long way.


Best Face Cream (Frankincense & Myrrh Bee Balm Cream) - Like the fountain of youth!  Skin feels great after using it and glows all day.  Been looking for something like this for a long time.  Glad i tried this product.  I will continue to use daily.


Game Changer (Argan Pomegranate Facial Oil), I have noticed significant positive changes in the health of my aging skin since using this product. I use after cleansing my face with the Rose Clay Facial Soap.

A lovely indulgence!



A great product  The rose clay soap makes your skin feel clean & fresh, not dried out & tight.  A great addition to your daily beauty regimen.


Great Soap! (Honey & Oats Olive Oil Soap Herbal) The soaps from Morning Song Gardens has helped clear up my sensitive skin issues.  I have not had a problem since I started using these products.  


Love this Cream! This cream (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) really helped my stiff shoulder pain. I was amazed how much it helped.  Thank you!


No coconut or palm oils (Honey & Cream Olive Oil Soap), Thank You! This soap is outstanding!  I can not have coconut oil or palm oil on my skin, so I am feeling pretty fortunate to have a soap just made out of olive oil.


Hi!  just wanted to tell you guys thank you!! I have eczema/ psoriasis and have been on prescription medication for years. Recently my husband and I were lucky enough to get pregnant and it was advised I go off those medications, so my skin on my hair line / face became so itchy and painful it was very frustrating! I have tried a million different remedies and lotions but have not found anything that offers relief.... This winter I was gifted a soap/cream/chapstick gift set and I noticed an amazing change- I still had some redness/flakiness but the pain /irritation eased. A couple of weeks ago I ordered the lotion/oil suggested for eczema and it is amazing- I am almost all clear!
So I again just wanted to say thank you!! Please continue to stay healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty.

Great Soap! This company ships products very quickly. The soaps are wonderful, smell great and are reasonably priced. Will order more, for sure.


Healing Facial Oil (Facial Oil - Argan Pomegranate). As with many of Morning Songs' products - this one is another winner!  I must wear a C-PAP machine at night.  The 'nasal pillow' tears up the area around my nose.  I applied some of the facial oil at night (and in the morning).  Within 5 days the irritated area had calmed down AND cleared up.  I have not had any further skin breakdown since using this oil.  It really healed the affected area.  THANK YOU!


LOVE Lip Balm (Calendula Pomegranate 5-Pack) My daughter and I LOVE the Calendula Pomegranate Lip Bee Balm!  Really great for chapped, dry lips!


This soap (Fragrance Free Shower, Shave, shampoo Bar) does not dry out my skin like other soaps do.  I prefer the fragrance free for travel as my kit does not smell like soap.


Relieves muscle aches  I have been using this product (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) for many years, and it does wonders for temporarily relieving the back pain I have after working in the yard. I also use it on my knees and my arthritic thumb. I feels good going on and provides relief for several hours.


Really enjoying it so far!  (Rose Clay Facial Soap) Love it!  It lathers nicely, and my face feels supple and CLEAN after use. I feel good knowing the ingredients are safe, sustainable, and that I am also supporting a local business. Seems like the bar is going to last a veerrryyyy long time too. Thank you for doing what you do! I am excited to try your other products in the future! 


Love this! I love this lotion stick (Oval -The Bee Necessities - .5 oz). I use it on my lips, face and even hands. I have one for each of my kids to use before bed. Perfect size for kids!


Great lotion Bar! This is a great lotion bar (Massage Bar -The Bee Necessities - 5.5 oz. I use it on my hands and feet before bed. Love that there is no plastic packaging on this so there is less waste. 


I just want to tell you how much I love your products. On a whim last October I put on hand cream sample while walking by at Ohio Mart. I couldn't believe how soft my hands were 5 minutes later so I came back and bought a jar. At home I saw that it could be used on the face, so I tried it and Whoa! What a difference. I purchased a few more jars including the face cream and gave some away for Christmas, and plan to buy more soon. The purpose of this note is just to let you know that your product is appreciated. Good work to whoever created it.
Have a great day and new year.

I began buying your balms for my daughter who struggles with eczema since 2 years old. She is 9 years old now and her eczema comes and goes but our loyalty for MSG Baby Bee balm doesn’t waver. We have tried so many products for my daughter but it’s only your product that works. We used to buy it at Heinnen’s when it was sold there in the 1 store available to us in Illinois. They stopped stocking it and I found your site online and began purchasing directly from you. It’s been great and we are now using the same balm on my younger son who seems to be developing similar skin irritations as my daughter. We are thankful for this product and hope it’s available for a long time to come. Thank you.


Amazing! I don’t have any questions but wanted to write a small review on this product. I ended up getting the sore muscle and joint rub as a graduation gift from my dance center. I started using it on my knees and it helped a lot. I am currently in the Army now and have been using it to help my hips, knees and ankles when we do our long runs or long hikes with a ton of weight. I also have introduced it to family members. This product is amazing and I am so glad I had gotten it as a gift. Thank you for making such a good product.


The best face soap. Have been using this face soap (Rose Clay) for about a year now. Love it, it does dry my face out and my face is so soft.


Love this product! (Rose Clay Facial Soap & Argan Pomegranate Facial Oil) I am 70 years old and have been using the pomegranate oil with the rose clay soap.  This oil is not greasy.  I use it at bedtime and no longer need cream moisturizers.  My face no longer feels dry, especially in the winter.  I am giving this product to my daughters for their stocking stuffers.


Fantastic! (Bee Balm Cream- Frankincense & Myrrh) We have been using Morning Song Garden products for well over 5 years now.  The products are clean, pure and a very effective mosturizer.  We absolutely love all of our product.


Skin Goodness! This cream (Calendula Pomegranate) is so good for my skin as I live in a very dry climate.  It keeps my skin hydrated and fights off those pesky fine lines!  Love this stuff!


I love how clean my face feels after washing with this facial soap (White Clay). It doesn't leave behind a residue or greasy feeling. It doesn't smell chemically created and is long lasting!


Love this product (Almond Vanilla Lip Balm)! It keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day. I feel my lips are protected and the smell/taste isn't overpowering!


I just wanted to thank you for your products!  I was recommended your soaps and bee balm cream after my husband was in a serve burn accident.  He burned about 40% of his body and we felt this cream and soap worked best on his skin grafts and after starting to use them he stopped complaining about the pain from the spots where the skin grafts were taken from, as they seemed to heal up a lot faster than using any other moisturizer.  We are continuing to use this cream and soap on his graft sites in hopes it helps speed up the recovery.  I think I am now personally getting addicted to these products as well.  

Thank you, Brianna

Lotion Body Stick (.5 oz.) You’re lotion stick has changed my life. I work outside for a living in Michigan and my hands used to crack and bleed constantly. This is the only thing out of at least 20 things I have tried that have ever helped.


Lotion Bar (Lavender Fields forever) Every winter my fingertips get so dry, the skin peels and cracks.  This has been a godsend for my hands, use EVERY day and I love how the bar is shaped and slightly concave so I can rub my fingertips on it.  Do not change your formula, it WORKS!


Facial Oil (Argan Pomegranate) Absorbs into my skin so nicely.  Non greasy.  Delicate fragrance.  Can't live without it!!


Best for excema (Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream), I have tried a million different hand lotions over the years. This one helped to heal my hands, keep them moist and feeling soft. Plus it is all natural ingredients. Even took this to New Mexico and my hands never dried out.


Can't do without it!  Been using this for years (Bee Balm Cream Calendula Pomegranate) and have never found anything better for my skin. The last couple years the PA at the dermatologist office has commented on my beautiful skin!


Amazing Product! ( Hemp Seed/ Black Cumin) I have always hesitated to use an oil on my face as I have naturally oily/acne prone skin, but I decided to give this a try as I've had great success with Morning Song Gardens' other products...and I was not disappointed. I wash with the Black Clay Facial Soap, lightly pat my face so that it's still a little damp and then I put like 3 drops of this oil on my face and my skin feels amazing! It feels clean and nourished, and I haven't had any issues with excess shine/oil throughout the day or any breakouts... I highly recommend this product for people with skin like mine! 


Best soap I've ever used for my oily skin. (Black Clay Facial soap) I've had such an issue with oily and acne prone skin and tried all kinds of products to decrease oil and some things would work at first and then I'd end up with oily skin by the middle of the day and acne would pop up over night. Using this, I hesitated to right a good review after the first day because I've been fooled before, but I've been using this soap for several weeks now and this has been the best soap I've ever used to wash my face hands down. I've been tossing all my other face washes in the trash. Even after the first day my skin was glowing and I haven't had a single breakout since using it. Most other soaps/face washes that say they are formulated to help with oily/acne prone skin tend to strip the skin of it's natural oil and leave it tight and dry. This soap just soothes my skin. Highly recommend if you're dealing with oily or acne prone skin...not after washing with this! 


Fantastic Face Cream! (Bee balm Face Cream) I've used the Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream for a while now, and I decided to give the Face Cream a try - I was not disappointed! I wash my face with the Black Clay Facial Soap then lightly pat my face so my face is still a little damp, and then apply this cream and it's super easy to blend in. I had always hesitated to use a thick cream on my face because I have such oily skin, but I use this every day now. I wash my face and use this cream under my makeup and have no more issues with shine popping up later in the day. When I use it at night, my skin looks so healthy and clear in the morning. Highly recommend! 


I don't go a day without it! This Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream has been a life changer... I used to have such an issue with chapped lips especially in winter, but ever since I’ve been using this product - no more chapped lips! Now I put it on before bed every night no matter the season. I also put it on my hands before bedtime and I love it because it’s creamy but not greasy and leaves my skin super soft. It’s non-irritating and has been the best thing to use even on my face when I’ve had chapped skin or suffered from peeling issues, this was the only product I had in my cabinet that soothes my skin- the next day my skin was already healing. I highly recommend this product! 


Best soap Ever! We LOVE Morning song gardens soap.  It's the only soap we use...even take it on vacation with us!


Best Face Cream Ever! Found your fragrance free face cream at Shaker Square market & tried it on an inflammation on my face. Immediate relief! Problem cleared up & never came back. Love it!


Love It!!! (Lavender Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) I am just loving all of the Shampoo Bar soaps.  They make my skin feel great and they don't bother my gray hair.  Another bottles to recycle and/or trash.  Just a cardboard box.  Absolutely love it!


Wonderful!!!! This oil (Argan Pomegranate) for me is wonderful it is all I need on my face I highly recommend this product.


Love this stuff! Bee balm cream is great (calendula Pomegranate), use it on hands and face, and any dry skin. help with my psoriasis. And is also a great hair moisturizer


Best Soap  purchased the Lavender Shower, Shave and Shampoo and the Rosemary Mint Shower, Shave and Shampoo. I love them both! They have a wonderful fragrance and rich lather. I also like the fact that there are no bottles to recycle, only a paper wrapper. It's good to know that all ingredients are natural so it's better for my skin and the environment.Morning Song has a forever customer.


Excellent Product! (Carrot & Calendula Citrus Cream) I now live in the southwest, and my skin gets very dry with our low humidity. I have found I need these products more than ever!


Awesome Cream! I received my Bee Balm Cream (Fragrance Free) and it’s amazing! It feels so soft has the best ingredients!


Great for psoriasis: I started using this (Rosemary Mint Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) to help with the Psoriasis on my scalp. It is clearing up with the help of this product.


It works (Hard Working Hands Lotion Bar)... My boyfriend does a lot of rock climbing and would complain about the state of his hands. He loves this bar, says it's the best thing he's used to keep his hands healthy.


Great product! I love this gentle exfoliating (Honey & Oats Frankincense &Myrrh) soap for my dry sensitive skin.  And, the aroma therapy of Frankincense & Myrrh is a pleasant bonus.


Honestly Love (Bee Balm Face Cream): I actually look forward to face care routine!


Amazing Cream !! (Lavender Vanilla) I have been using bee balm cream -lavender vanilla for a few years now. It keeps my excema calmed and comfortable instantly. I have quit using dermatologist harsh medications and steroid creams and have been completely satisfied with the comfort of this amazing cream. It melts into my skin and smells so wonderful. I use it every morning and night on my problem areas as well as on my face and under makeup. It never irritates or burns. I really can’t say enough great things about this natural lovely cream!! 


Every Girl loves roses! This is THE best facial soap (Rose Clay) U have ever used!  Lots of studs! Leaves my face so soft. No dry tight feel. Paired up with my daily and nightly moisturizers, my skin has never felt or looked healthier. This bar is a must have in your daily skin care routine....I'll be back!!!


Beats Burt's!! This lip balm beats Burt's Bees by a mile.  Keeps your lips moist.  No need to apply multiple times a day, this stuff has staying power.


Great stuff! I have been using this product (Bee Balm FACE Cream) now for several years.  I love it.  It makes my face feel so soft and it is non-greasy like some of the other products I previously used.  I also love how quickly they ship it once I have placed an order.  


Great Product! My husband gets very bad poison ivy that usually needs a dr. visit. Someone recommended this soap (Poison Ivy/ Oak Soap) to me and my husband tried it and it worked great. The delivery was very fast and I am very pleased.


I have mild rosacea and feel this soap (Rose Clay Facial) helps to prevent irritation and breakouts and heal those that do come.  I am happy with it so far, but have only used it for a couple weeks. 


Excellent Product: This soap (Honey & Cream Olive Oil soap, Fragrance Free) saved me from dry, cracked skin a few years ago. It still does the job.


Great Gift, This natural, non-greasy cream (Calendula Pomegranate) not only treats my Eczema, but I give it as a gift. Many of my friends with diabetes have dry skin and this is a wonderful gift to give friends, teachers, and co-workers.


Wonderful Facial Cream (Frankincense & Myrrh): I have been a very satisfied customer for years.  Every new product I try, I reorder again and again.  The Bee Cream with Frankincense and Myrrh is astonishing !  I am literally watching my wrinkles disappear.  My skin looks smoother, feels softer, and its tone is glowing.  Please do yourself a favor and try this facial wonder.  You will be more than happy you with this purchase.


More than pleasantly surprised: Sometimes you find a gem in the most unlikely places!  I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup.  Not that I don't want to look my best (I do) it's just that I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere. Unless I have an occasion, my daily makeup is a light coat of mascara a pat of powder on my nose and, occasionally, a swipe of sheer lipstick, which never lasts because I'm forever topping it off with lip balm.   Well MSG's Shimmer Balm is perfect for me!  It gives me a (flattering!) touch of color and moisture for my lips all in one.  The "shimmer" is very subtle - I'm no teenager - and the color is a sophisticated neutral.  And although there are no claims to "plumping" anywhere in the description, my lips DO look fuller wearing this balm. Plenty of moisture, too, and I am definitely one of those "addicted to lip balm" types. I love this stuff!  Hope you never stop making it!


Best Candles! These candles  (Tealight - Beeswax) are my favorite. They burn well, no smell and no mess. Love them.


Great Stuff! I have been buying this lip balm for years. It is the best I have found. Far superior to anything that can be found in a drugstore. Please don't ever stop making it. I love it!


Love this Cream! (Frankincense & Myrrh) When winter approaches, my skin needs more than my usual light summer moisturizer. That's when I really appreciate this wonderful cream. I use it on my face, hands and legs and it keeps my skin feeling just right.


Saved my skin! There is absolutely nothing like this Massage lotion bar to save my skin in the winter.  My hands and legs love it!  Age 55.


Don't stop making this (Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar).  Leaves my hair thought clean, soft, full of body and whiney.  Best for SOFT water use.


All purpose man soap I use This soap (Bay Rum shower shave & shampoo bar) to clean my hands regularly, which eliminates the painful splits In my finger during winter time.  I also Use it as a shave soap and to wash my face at bed time.  Make sure you have it in a soap dish that has air holes beneath or it will become too soft. Will last a long time in a soap dish with air holes.  Excellent product, great company!  

Colorado Dave

Winter must-have! My winter skin is so dry! This oil is perfect; it doesn’t clog my pores and my combination skin is no longer flaky!


I have been using this product (Baby Bee Balm Cream) for a couple of years, first on my now toddler and
now on my infant. Found the product on a trip to Whole Foods in northeast Ohio while visiting family and continued to purchase from the online company fo my home in Texas. Very mild, effective, soft nice scent and it works. I use it lightly on their bottoms during the day and use a thicker application before bed. Neither child has ever had diaper rash. I also use it on my hands when my skin is extremely chapped and on elfows and extremely dry legs on myself and my kids. Heals and moisturizes quickly. I Highly recommend this product! Makes a nice baby shower gift too!


The soap is great! (Exfoliating Coffee Body Scrub Soap) The fragrance was unexpected. Lemon does not usually make one think of coffee, so the contrast has taken a little getting use to. Maybe a cinnamon, or nutty smell would enhance this product.


Best Acne Soap Ever! (Black Clay Facial Soap)  I have dealt with horrible acne my whole life. Ever since I had my children it has gotten even worse. I found this product at Christmas in the woods and thought why not try it. I haven't had a breakout ever since. When I ran out, I started to break out again but got another bar and I'm back to calm acne free skin again. I can't say enough good things about this soap. 


Favorite moisture Cream (Bee Balm Cream Lavender Vanilla) I’ve used both the calendula cream and the lavender and I love them both! I first discovered the calendula at a booth at the Sauerkraut Festival yrs ago and was struggling with eczema on my hands.  This helped so much, I’ve been using it ever since!  The lavender is nice when I want a nice scent and the calendula for when I don’t care about having a scent- it’s very mild.  Both are great for my dry skin.  I wash my hands and dry, but not thoroughly. The moisture helps me rub the cream in without as much stress on my skin.  I also use around my eyes at night for moisture.  Doesn’t irritate or get in my eyes like some other ointments do. 


Works on Dry and Oily Skin  This product (Fragrance Freedom Lotion Bar) is amazing!  I can use it right on my eyelids which are very dry and sensitive to chemicals.  I have also noticed an improvement in my acne on the oily areas of my face.  Couldn't be happier!


Good Soap This soap (Men's North Woods Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) does not dry my skin out like other soaps do.  Not a heavy fragrance either.


I have eczema on my hands and this product (Fragrance Free Bee Balm Cream) helps to reduce the amount of cracking and dryness.


Awesome Creme This creme (Bee Balm Face Cream) is so wonderful on my skin.  It is great for the winter when my skin gets so dry.


I love this balm! (Bee Balm Cream - Fragrance Free)  It’s great for bug bites, dry skin, rashes. Moisturizing, protests my skin.  I bought the big jars for my 2 daughters and me. Very worth the money. They last a long time.  They love it too!  I’m glad that I stopped by the demo at Whole Foods. I love this company


My One and only! I'm so glad I found this company and this soap (Rose Clay Facial). It is very good to me and my face! My wallet too!!! 


Love it! (Facial Oil - Argan Pomegranate) Smells great. Leaves my skin soft and hydrated


Great Product!!! I've only been using this (Facial Oil - Argan Pomegranate) for a few weeks and the difference is amazing!!!!


Great!!! This soap (Rose Clay Facial) is amazing!!!  I highly recommend this product. I've been using it for only a few weeks, following up with the Argan Pomegranate Facial oil and unscented Bee Balm face cream and my wrinkles are improving and my face has a beautiful natural glow 


Finally, a soap for me! (Men's North Woods Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) Like many, I've tried most every type and brand of shower soap, looking for just the right one. Some dry out the skin way too much, others leave an oily feeling film, and some have a scent like a flower garden (or worse !). Now, I've found the perfect soap that truly does what it's supposed to do. Clean, exfoliate, and not irritate. With a masculine smell that's not overpowering. Keep making this soap, and I'm a customer for life !


Wonderful oil for face! (Argan Pomegranate) Glad I purchased - seems to be helping quite a bit and it's a lovely oil.


the smell of the candle is delicious and I like using it, knowing that it purified the air while it is lit and the candle glows bright. The design is adorable too... a bee hive with bees : )


I got this as a sample with other products that I ordered. The ingredients in the soap sounded right up my alley and I enjoyed the whole sample bar. I just ordered a fresh bar and my face is so happy. This soap is just the perfect thing for my skin. Yay!


Love,Love,Love!!!!  (Facial Oil - Argan Pomegrante) This is the second order for me. I had an issue with dry, wrinkly skin under my eyes. After a couple months of use together with the Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream and Rose Clay Facial Soap, the wrinkles are completely gone and I have nice smooth skin. Highly recommend this regiment!


Amazing and Gentle to skin. I received a sample of this soap (White Clay Facial Soap). I have really dry, red, irritated skin. I washed and waited to see how my skin would react. The reaction was amazing and so gentle. I had cleaner, softer, tighter pores. No dryness, just a pretty fresh moisturized feel. The clay was non-drying and my face had that ivory, creaminess. For me, that means alot because I stay constantly red from rosacea. Since continuing to use thus soap, my skin is better. I will continue to use this wonderful soap. Thank You, Morning Song Gardens.


Rosacea woes no more. (Bee Balm Face Cream) - Best my skin has felt and looks amazing. Smooth, soft, all those old acne scars are faded. Fine lines and wrinkles and flakey skin just disappear. Rosacea redness has gone.I love the natural ingredients too. I am so thankful to Louise, her Family, and Staff for my miracle cream. 


Does the Trick (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) As advertised, this really does provide relief (not healing) to sore muscles without the strong scent of other sports rubs and without the heating/cooling sensations - which are okay sometimes, but not always desirable.


My One and Only Cream! I love this cream (Rosemary Mint)! The smell is relaxing, the texture of the cream is lovely! I use it on my face with no issues, and I have sensitive skin. It’s also great for feet; and when you get a cold, I love putting it on my nose for chapped skin!! -Please sell more scents at the Highland Square Mustard Seed! :)


Absolutely Wonderful! I have extremely sensitive skin and have spent years in search of a facial soap that didn’t cause irritation. This is the only one!! I can’t reccomend this soap (Rose Clay Facial Soap) and company enough! Thank you for using honest ingredients!


Soothing and Smoothing!!... I adore this face cream (Bee Balm Face Cream) -- it is immediately soothing when my skin feels dry and itchy. I use it every morning under my makeup and at night before bed. It reduces the appearance of all the wrinkles, feels wonderful and the jar lasts a long time. No icky chemical ingredients, either!


loving it! I absolutely love the soap! (Fragrance Free Shower Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) My children talked me into it. I have gray hair and did not want to try it. Love it. My 60 year old skin feels wonderful after a shower and my hair is not yellowing at all. It looks great. Please give it a try! 


Have been using this product (Bee Balm Face Cream) since October, 2017. Still have over 25% left in jar. A little goes a long way. Fine lines have all but disappeared. Skin is so soft. Love this product! Best in the Market



Facial Oil - Argan pomegranate) This oil is wonderful I love how well my face feels. I highly recommend this product is outstanding. Wonderful


(Facial Oil - Hemp seed/black cumin) This is a nice light oil that agrees with my acne prone skin. This is my daily go to moisturizer. LOVE everything from morning song gardens sooo glad I found you at Christmas In The Woods :-))) Loyal to this oil !...


Love the products! I have only been using them a few weeks, but I could tell a difference in my skin already. I believe this will be the only akin products I will ever use again. A few samples was also included in my order which was awesome. I saw these products on Good Morning Cleveland and at the Home & Garden Show and so happy I gave them a try.


I love this creme! (Lavender Vanilla) Their Hand and Body creme is the only creme I use now that I found them. I can't say enough good things about it. It smells calming and relaxing! I love to use it before bed. You'll be hooked after trying it!


Morning Song Gardens offers an excellent creme (Almond Vanilla). I frequently get cracked painful hands in the winter. Since I found this product, I haven't had any problems. The creme soaks into the skin instead of laying on top of the skin like most cremes do. All of their products smell awesome!


I’ve been using this soap (Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar) for several years now. My skin is much less itchy and flaky in th winter and I really like the mild exfoliation properties. I love the spicy scent eminating from the box each time my shipment arrives, too!


I first purchased this soap (Rose Clay Facial) at the Cleveland Flea in August. I have combination skin so I asked the tong lady behind the table which soap she recommended. When she suggested this bar for dry/mature skin, I admit, I was a little offended."My skin is not mature! I'm not THAT old!", I thought to myself.My annoyance at the implication that I was old must have been apparent because the young lady reassured me that even she, not having mature or aging skin, used and loved this soap.Well, I can see why because this is the BEST soap I've ever used. I even rang up a month or so back to apologize if I had been rude to her. Thank you, Morning Song, for an amazing product!


This is my favorite body cream (Carrot Calendula Citrus) from Morning Song Gardens! The smell is fresh and citrus, without being overwhelming. It is nourishing and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I can't say enough about how much I love this product! 


I have been using this product (Baby Bee Balm Cream Light Lavender) for almost a year on my toddler and it has worked wonderfully at preventing diaper rash. I have been purchasing the product at Whole Foods in Ohio when I visit, I stock up on it, but it is not available at the store in Texas so I purchased online. Smells nice, non irritating, a little goes a long way. I definitely recommend this product over any and all zinc containing product. Works great , will continue to use on my toddler and on my soon to be born daughter.

Mothers Love 

I swear it heals my occasional hormonal acne and doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes.I hope to never be without this product.Blessed are the bees!  What’s not to love about this product? (Bee Balm Face Cream) It’s hydrating,healing,safe,and natural! I use it every morning under my sunscreen and every evening as a night cream. 


The hand cream (Carrot Calendula Citrus) is so wonderful on the skin; feels great, absorbes quickly. Little fragrance for those who don’t like heavy scent. Great for winter hands and those with psoriasis.


I work in the healthcare field and when winter rolls around my hands and maybe of my coworkers hands get dry and cracked due to the constant hand washing. I ordered this cream (Lavender Vanilla) as a gift for a coworker whose hands needed some TLC. She opened the jar and immediately commented on how good the lavender smelled. She applied it and loved how creamy it was and how fast it absorbed into her dry hands. With some creams you have to deal with oily hands, but not with this cream. I highly recommend this product!


I’m a runner and I’m always looking for creams for muscle pain (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub). This really works for me. I highly recommend it it.


Every time I wear this product (Almond Vanilla Cream) someone compliments how soft my skin is and how great I smell! I was concerned about the scent when I first purchased this. I have very sensitive skin and eczema. BUT this was like magic!! It didn’t irritate my skin and it significantly helped my eczema patches and protects it from getting worse. I’ve been buying this product for over a year and will never stop!


I use this soap (Lemon Verbena) for everything, face, body and hands. It smells so good and I never have issues with dry skin our breakouts. I've tried every product under the sun for dry skin on my hands and face and Morning Song Gardens products are the only ones that work. Thanks, Louise. You're a genius. God has helped you to bless so many with your loving talents.


I have arthritic pain in my knees and bone spurs in my heals. This (Sore Muscle & Joint Cream) helps with temporary relief. Plus, it moisturizes and conditions my skin at the same time. Win/Win! 


I have a friend who's baby was dealing with a rag all over his body. Nothing helped including what the doctor prescribed. This cream (baby Little Calendula) cleared it up thanks to calendula and other natural ingredients.


Purchased my first bottle (Hemp Seed/Black Cumin Facial Oil) at the Cleveland Flea. I absolutely loved it for my 63 year old skin. Shared some with my 22 year old daughter and she wouldn't give me the bottle back because she loved it so much. I had to order another bottle! Really great for aging skin as well as combination youthful skin. Love, love it! 


I love this oil. (Argan / Pomegranate Facial Oil)... my skin is glowing after just a few days' use!!!


I’ve had eczema my entire life and I had the worst flare up this year that I’ve ever had, to the point my hands looked like they were covered in third degree burns, no doctor could help me, no prescriptions were helping, then I found this cream (Calendula Pomegranate) and the soaps and my hands are completely cleared up. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever used!!! 


My sister and I found this (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) at A recent festival and tried it. Both of us had sore, painful hands, thumbs, and wrists from arthritis. We rubbed it in--so smooth and velvety--and walked around. Well, our hands etc felt so much better and we forgot to go back and get the cream. I was so disappointed but I had the festival program and found them and ordered that night. It arrived in 2 days--great service! I use it daily and it does make a difference. It works...and it smells good. Love using natural ingredients, too. I will order this again and will try other stuff as well. 


I didn't know how desperately I needed this product (Argan Pomegranate Facial Oil) until I followed the directions and gently applied the product to my face and neck. I was amazed how I felt an instant sense of calm in my skin! I was astonished. I sound like a paid endorser, but I am surely not. This product works in conjunction with Morning Song moisturizers enabling them to work with greater efficiency. You only need literally a very few drops of oil making it highly economic. I will never be without it. Thank you Morning Song for making this product available!


From the full but not overwhelming scents, to the smooth application texture, to the natural ingredients, these make a strong showing toward becoming my favorite lip balms on the market.


Absolutely incredible soap! (Southern Woods Shower Shave Shampoo Bar) Smells so woodsy and natural and leaves my hair soft and clean. My hair literally feels softer after using this, and I switched from expensive shampoo. Will 100% be a returning customer. And if the awesome soap wasn't enough, I got surprised with a ridiculous number of samples as well that are equally as amazing. Awesome stuff!

Dear Morningsonggardens:

Thank you for my most recent order that I just received...I just wanted you all to know that I love your products and the hand written thank you notes are a classy touch not seen often in today's business world!! My first purchase was a Men's soap bar from Whole Foods a couple months ago and absolutely loved the product since trying it. I very much like to support local businesses (as a biz owner myself) and your products are awesome and I now order everything online!! The men's soap products are excellent and they have totally eliminated the need to purchase shampoos and shaving creams as this natural miracle soap does it all and smells great! I will continue to order from your company and keep up the good work and awesome product offerings!

I first discovered Morning Song Gardens at a Spring show at our local convention center over 5 years ago! It has been the best thing for my oldest sons' skin and I am now using it on my baby. It works WONDERS for a diaper rash...basically knocking it out at the first sign of a rash. Its a miracle cream (Calendula Pomegranate ), with ingredients I am comfortable putting it on my children. I also use the face cream to remove my eye makeup. I will forever be a customer! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!



I just placed an order for face cream. I am addicted to bee bars. I am a diabetic with delicate skin. Been using bee bars for many years and will not stop. You sent me some samples with my last order. I tried the face cream and now I can't survive without! My face is sooo sensitive and the face cream calmed it right down. Thank you so very much for making this product. Looking forward to continuing to do business with you. Have a wonderful holiday season and prosperous New Year.


I received your Frankincense and Myrrh Bee Balm as a gift. I make many of my body products and never use anything that isn't natural. I absolutely love this glorious balm. It smells amazing, feels incredible on my skin and simply makes me happy! I have just ordered 6 more jars to give as gifts for the holidays. Thank you for making such a quality products that I can fell excited and good about using and sharing with those I love. 


This might be fragrance free (Fragrance Free Cream) but it still has a delightful earthy smell to it when applying. It's slightly thicker than a lotion you can pump out of a bottle, but not oily or irritating, and still easy to apply. In fact, I have a feeling this little jar is going to last me a long time because all I need to be moisturized for an entire day (seriously) are a few dots on each cheek. This will be my go-to face cream for a long time. Now I just need to find a tub of it for my body!


I've been using this product (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) for a few years now. There is nothing that renews and protects my skin like this cream. As a mom of little ones, I wash my hands very, very often, and when the weather was dry it was painful at times and my hands were cracking. Applying this a couple times/day, especially at night, keeps my hands soft and, more importantly, pain-free without cracks. Highly recommended! And a great gift idea.


 I will be ordering shortly however, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love your products. I bought 6 of your soaps at the Christmas In The Woods festival and my husband and I are both very impressed. I also got the solid lotion which I used to purchase many years ago from a local Pittsburgh company who no longer manufactures. My hands, cuticles, knuckles get so chapped and cracked in the cold months I need something without water as the main ingredient and very emollient. 

Bravo to you for the fantastic natural products, I will recommend to family and friends.


Acne Miracle - This is the only product (Honey & Oats Frankincense Soap) that clears my acne after YEARS of searching. If I runout for a few days my acne starts to return. So very thankful for this soap!


I wasn't sure who to tell, but I wanted someone to know that this is the BEST product I have used for my eczema! It REALLY works!! I'm not going to go into detail but even the medication the dermatologist were prescribing didn't work! After 16 different products/medication, my mom found this and that's all it took! I'm going to be order some more very soon! 


I was recently up in the Cleveland area visiting family. I didn't bring any of my body lotion and soap (only my special facial soap). That was a mistake. After having sensitivity issues and even allergic reactions (mainly on my face) several years ago, I have moved away from petroleum based products. After a couple days of using whatever soap/body wash and lotion was around, my forearms were covered on a very fine layer of bumps. I knew I needed to find some lotion to keep it from getting worse. My aunt and cousin advised me to try a Heinens near Willoughby because they had a decent selection of organic products. I bought a jar of Bee Balm Cream in  Carrot & Calendula - Citrus (and a bar of the soap). I was so glad I did. Not only does it feel and smell terrific, the bumps went away. My skin was so happy. The soap was great for shampooing, too. Thanks for such a great product! 


   I'll never stop ordering your face wash! Your products are amazing! I struggled with blemishes, dry/oily skin, redness and just over all what I felt was unflattering skin. After I had my son one year ago, my skin just took a turn for the worst. Since I've used your face wash and face lotion, my face is back to the way it was prior to pregnancy and postpartum. I recommend your company to everyone, and I will continue to do so! Thank you for bringing back my face without nasty chemicals that will eventually ruin it in the long run. 

Sarah, Ohio

Great Products!! The Calendula Pomegranate Cream
has helped my husbands problem skin especially during the winter months.

Susan, PA

Looking forward to receiving my order. I discovered your products at the Shaker Square North Union Market and finally tried soap and cream this summer in an effort to mitigate sebhorhea on my face. It does seem to help with that. Really nice products and people comment how nice my skin looks. I like how my skin feels.
~ Emily, Euclid, Ohio

I use the bee balm (Travel Round) for lips and body at bedtime on my lips. It really helps to soften and heal any cracks on my lips. Love this product!
~ Rubie, Virginia Beach, Virginia

This is the best soap ever(Frankincense & Myrrh). I cannot use any soap from the market other than Ivory soap which is very drying. This has such a great fragrance {another problem with my allergies is scent}. Thank you for making something I can actually use without getting a rash.
~ Matzo, North Woods

This product is truly amazing! I came across it online by chance. I ordered it for my mom who suffers from horrible, painful eczema and psoriasis on her hands and feet (so bad that she can barely walk sometimes, often they turn into open wounds). She has tried every holistic and prescription/steroid there is for this condition and nothing ever works. I bought her this and she saw a noticeable difference within days! After she told me how amazing it is, I bought it for myself as well! I rarely break out, but when I do I get horrible scars on my face that never seem to go away. I had contact dermatitis on my face from an allergic reaction to a steroid cream. The scar bothered me so much and I tried everything for it to go away. Within one week this Calendula Pomegranate cream lightened it so so much! After a month of using it the scar is barely visible. I have a surgical scar on my arm that was purple and raised (about 2 years old) and it has lightened so much and now lays flat on my arm! Now I use it for everything (cuticle oil, scar cream, wrinkle cream, moisturizer, hair smoother, acne cream, keratosis pilaris cream). I have braces and I even put it on the cuts from the brackets inside my mouth. It is soothing and healing. It smells amazing (not too strong) and relaxes me as well! Ive also tried many prescription creams for Keratosis Pilaris (the little red bumps you sometimes see on peoples arms and faces) and within 2 days (I am not exaggerating!) it was completely cleared up! My arms were smooth and there was no sight of any bumps! I just ordered some bars of the soap, the face cream and the frankincense and myrrh cream as well! I am so excited to have found your product and tell everyone I know about it! Thank you for making such an amazing, all around fantastic product that is affordable too!!
~ Didi, PA.

Great stuff! (Fragrance Free bee Balm Cream) I use it at night after washing my face and it does the best job of anything for whatever skin needs I have that range from clogged pores to the early dreaded wrinkles. I also use the lavendar-vanilla lotion for my hands and body, and the baby olive oil soap on my face. It's oddly gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but healing and cleansing enough for seemingly everything under the sun. I don't know how something so simply made can be so beneficial in so many ways, but I'm certainly a customer for life!
~ Stacie, Cleveland

OMG!! My son has suffered with eczema around his nose and we have doctored twice for it and the solutions and creams that Dr's have prescibed did not work. With this cream (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) my sons face cleared up in 4 to 5 days. I use it every morning before putting on my make up. People have said what a dewy complexion I have. If you need a sales rep in Colorado let me know :-)
~ Lisa, Longmont, Colorado

I love this product! I've tried so many chapsticks over the years for my dry and peeling lips, and the Double Mint balm blows them all away! My lips are soft and smooth, and I love the mint. Thank you!
~ Lauren, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Hello, I met you at Whole foods on Chagrin one Saturday morning. I approached your display table after the words psoriasis and eczema caught my eye. My young son was recently diagnosed with psoriasis and the steroid creams were not working but seems to cause more irritation. After sharing his story with you I was offered several samples of the soaps. You shared your story about battling psoriasis and eczema and promised I would see results after a week. Sure enough after just one week the red irritations were losing their color. The cream did not burn my son's skin and we are thrilled. Today I shared this story with my son's pediatrician as well as the name of the product and website. Thanks know you for creating a product that is both GMO free and free of harsh chemicals like steroids that truly works to clear up psoriasis and eczema. 
~ Kristie, Ohio

I found this product (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) at a Farmers Market/Craft Show this spring. I suffer from Hand and Foot Syndrome from a Chemo medication, this has helped so much, the cracks on hands are healing and my feet have less sore spots and I have only been using this for about 3 weeks. I plan ordering more and the soap also. I only wish I had before and after pictures.
~ Kathy, Cleveland, Ohio

This is my favourite cream (Frankincense & Myrrh) in the range, especially at night: the frankincense is really helpful to relax and ease your mind , but the cream is the winner, my go to especially in winter, but anytime my skin feels dry and needs some gentle nourishment. Highly recommended
~ Clarika, Virginia

Rosacea since in my 40's. I am 62. My face is so dry because every moisturizer I use makes the Rosacea worse. I am so grateful that a friend told me about this (Calendula Pomegranate Cream). My face is always moist and does not make my Rosacea break out or get worse. Who knows...It might act as a healing agent. We will see, Ordering it for my read headed granddaughter who is 14. She says her face is dry and every thing she uses makes it red. This does not. So very grateful for this. Blessings
~ Mary, Alliance, Ohio

I've used bee based products for years, from more than one Ohio or Missouri based company with great results. But I do love the moningsong gardens products, creams, soaps and especially their candles. But this last winter, with extremely cold temperatures developed rough, raised patches on the back of my legs, and on my chin that even the best honey based products weren't addressing. A gentle honey based wash and a coat or two of the carrot and calendula bee balm citrus and the tough, rough patches were gone within a week.
~ Johnson, Chicago

Sore Muscle& Joint Rub - I have been having muscle spasms & knots in my shoulder & upper back. I love that you have this & bought it immediately when I saw it at my local Whole Foods. It smells lovely, goes on without a greasy/cakey feeling, & it helps my muscle! Thank you so much for something that works & that doesn't irritate my hyper-sensitive skin. I have been using your products for years & tell everyone I know how wonderful they are! Thanks again for another great product!
~ April, Columbus, Ohio

Hello! I just wanted to share a couple of things with you about the stuff I just ordered via your website. I found out about your business when I was at the English Nanny and Governess School there in Chagrin Falls a few years back, and I have used it ever since. I am getting married next Sunday, and in the craziness of planning, I didn't realize that I was low on your products until I was already out. In desperation, I broke down and bought some off-the-shelf facial cleansers and soaps that I had used before switching to your products. BAD IDEA! I am now very itchy and uncomfortable, my face is breaking out, and I feel like I've got ants under my skin. I haven't had problems with acne since switching to Morning Song Garden's soap. NOT ONCE. So, this is a combination testimonial and plea for quick service, (not that you need it, I have never had problems with things taking very long.) I have very little time to get my skin back under control before the wedding. 
~ Rebekah, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Thank you so much for your help. And, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your product. Last year I had to undergo radiation for treatment of cancer. I used your Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream on the area being treated. It helped protect my skin and kept it healthy. It was so good that I bought out the supply from our local Whole Foods and donated it to my doctor's office to share with patients that can't afford it (cancer's expensive!) At my six week follow-up visit after radiation, my skin had healed so well that my oncologist said I looked like I was 3-4 months past treatment! Keep up the good work and please thank everyone at Morning Song Gardens for me. The work that every single person there does made me feel a little more human during a difficult experience. 
~ Heather, Centreville, Ohio

Anyone suffering from arthritis flare ups should try this cream. I have arthritis in my hands. When the pain is a problem, I message some of your Muscle & Joint cream into my fingers. It works as well as the other product I use. However, I like yours because it is all natural. So even if Morning Song cannot make this claim, I can. If you suffer from arthritis try this works! Norma
~ Norma, Ohio

I was at the home and flower show and got this cream along with some soaps. The young lady I talked to was wonderful I can't remember her name but she was pregnant and just a truly amazing woman. I love this cream I have been suffering with rashes and itchy hives for about 5 years on my body and scalp it works great!!!!!!
~ Cathy, Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product! I bought the bar soap and the bee balm from heinens last Tuesday! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with horrible eczema! I mean horrible!!! I wanted to avoid steroids or anything toxic due to the pregnancy! Thanks to your product my skin is on its way to recovery! I used half the jar and the itchy scales are gone! It is still red but I'm sure by next week it will Improve even more!!! Thank you so much! I will be sure to spread the word!!!!
~ Maureen, Ohio

Someone told me that you have a product for people who have Raynauds syndrome (fingers and toes turning white). True. I LOVE your muscle and joint balm. Smells good and works! 
~ Patricia, Ohio

The Fern Pillar Pure Beeswax Candle is beautiful! The raised decoration on the candle is lovely. It burns brightly and slowly. It also burns straight down (I have had candles that burn lop-sided and that can be frustrating). I have already referred your website to a friend and I am sure she will be purchasing candles from you. Thank you!
~ Diane, Wolfrboro, NH

IF scars can look wonderful...mine do! I recently had 3 surgeries performed at one time on my foot and ankle resulting in approx. 80 stitches in 3 different areas. When I saw the large sutures and long cuts from mid foot up the sides of my leg, I knew the scars would be ugly. as soon as I was out of the 3 casts and could unwrap my foot daily, I started applying the Lavender Vanilla cream. I used it on the whole foot and concentrated amounts on the areas healing. I did this morning and evening leaving a generous amount on the scars before re-wrapping.It has been 3 mos. and my sutures have healed and the scars are becoming fainter every day. My foot peeled 3-4 times but never dried out. I was able to sloth off the dead skin easily. I believe this cream kept me from having a monster foot. I dare say I won't be doing any foot modeling but I recommend this cream for healing and preventing scarring. PS. I also use it on my face daily...hmm face AND foot cream???
~ Tish, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

I just want you to know I purchased this product (Lavender Vanilla) 2 weeks ago. I have since burned my forearm in my home oven. I put the above cream on a about to blister burn. Well due to your cream I did not get a full blown blister and my skin is discolored but no blister and my skin is smooth over the area that I was burned. Thank you for your demo at Brecksville Heinens that is where I purchased this cream. Barb L.
~ Barbara, Ohio

This is the best stuff ever! (Almond Vanilla). I have dealt with eczema and dry skin, coupled with rosacea all my life. This does not irritate my skin in any way. It has such a soothing feeling as it is applied. The vanilla almond scent is wonderful. I have tried many different creams over the past thirty years - this one is tops! I love your product! Thank you!
~ Bonnie, Greenwich, Ohio

I developed a slight rash by my eye that has been present for about a month now. While browsing through Whole Foods, looking for a natural remedy I ran into a representative who recommended this. This cream (Face Cream) is amazing! After a weeks use the rash is clearing up and my skin looks great. I am now a loyal customer.
~ Melba, Pittsburgh, PA

Wow! You never cease to impress me. I placed an order on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. You are always prompt to respond to any emails, questions, suggestions or orders. In this recent shipment I ordered a sample stack so we could try some of your new products. Not only did my order arrive with extra samples, too, but they were all labeled so we didn't have to guess what is what. I like that you have been able to expand your all-natural product line without sacrificing the quality in those products - everything I've tried works wonderfully. Your commitment to good customer service is obvious and remains high, too. And you are a MADE-IN-THE-USA company that recycles! Keep up the good work! You have a loyal customer in me. 
~ Louise N., Port Orchard, Washington

I love this product (Lavender Shower, shave Shampoo Bar)! it has been great for my hair it's added volume and also I didn't even realize that the shampoo I had been using was giving my hair green tint after using this shampoo bar it looks like I dyed my hair it's returned to it's deep brown color! I'm so happy and also I love the hand soaps I hadn't realized how harsh the detergents are in regular soap until I started using the hand soap samples you sent, now I'm hooked! I hope you never go away I love your products! 
~ Jamie, Ohio

This cream (Calendula Pomegranate) helped so much while I was going through radiation for breast cancer. I still use it almost a year later and my doc can't believe how good my skin looks.
~ Amy, Pensylvania

I believe that the bee balm face cream has stopped the damage done to my skin due sun exposure - and old age! Love the texture. Thank goodness I am able to order products via internet...have not found anything regardless of cost to replace this amazing, healing cream Thank you
~ Chris, New Hampshire

These tea lights are adorable! At first I was afraid they would burn to quickly but they don't, not to mention the flame is really bright compared to other candles. I'm going all beeswax candles from now on! Thanks Morning Song Gardens! :)
~ Mae, Ohio

I started using this cream (Face) to help heal a scar on my face, within 2 weeks it has helped with the healing process to help reduce any scarring. A little goes a very long way, so the product will last a long time. More than 5 healing ingredients for the face in this product is wonderful. Support your local & family owned business. Thank you!!
~ Stacy, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

This face cream is the best! Its the firat face cream ive tried since starting my all natural lifestyle change..and I will never go back! No more dry dull and flaky skin! It is so soft and smooth, it feels very elasticy and younger, and the balm is thick so you need very little..totally worth the price! My skin drinks it up and I have been told my complexion was more flowing since using it! All those chemical filles 40$ face creams dont compare! After buying your chapstick when you were at Crocker park I have been obsessed with this little business. Definitely a repeat customer! 
~ Teraza, Ohio

hi. i have eczema and have been searching for years for skin care products that are gentle and won't 'flare up' my super sensitive skin, trying brand after brand, with no luck. but, my search is finally over, i love your soaps and lotions, please don't change a thing! have you ever thought about making/selling deodorant? (I am having a very hard time finding an all natural deodorant.) if so, I will be the first to buy it! thank you so much!! :) 
~ Holly, USA

I'm new to your products. I was at my hairdresser's and told her I had been diagnosed with tendonitis in my hand from an injury in a car accident several years earlier. The doctor had given me two shots in my wrist that wore off just under six weeks. The pain seemed worse and I didn't want the shots again. She rubbed some of your Calendula Pomegranate lotion on my wrist and before I left her shop, I felt relief from the discomfort of the tendonitis. I ordered myself a jar and I love this lotion. It has given me more relief than any prescription lotion I have tried and I love the fact that the ingredients are all natural instead of a manmade chemical. I'm anxious to try some of your other products. Will you be coming to the Virginia Beach area again any time soon? Look forward to meeting you. Thank you so much.
~ Bonnie, Virginia Beach

The MSG Unscented Bee Balm is the BEST product EVER for my sons (4yrs old and 8 months old) chronic eczema! 
~ Allison, Ohio

I have a Praise Testimonial for your company ~ I started with the gift bag Calendula Pomegranite Oct 9th ~ it is now Nov 14th and I have used all three faithfully this whole time ....Its amazing the difference in my face , hands and lips . I had a very deep wrinkle ..that might be known as the frowning crease .... ITS GONE ! Im 56 years old and Im watching wrinkles disappear . Thank You also for making it affordable for the average customer ! All in all ..your product will and is recommended by me ! God Bless 
~ Cindy, Ohio

I bought the calendula cream last weekend at Whole Foods Market Pittsburgh and am really loving it. It has healed my dry cracked hands that were left over from an impetigo outbreak. My hands had been like this for weeks, but were all cleared up after just 2-3 days. Such a wonderful product! 
~ Jennifer, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar: Depending on hair length, 2-6 circles around the head produce enough lather to wash both hair and body (I'm a lazy guy). I love the scent, it washes out quick and squeaky-clean (our city water is decent; not soft). I'm ordering more today! 
~ Tim, Cleveland

I have been using Calendula Pomegranate cream for about three years now and it will heal most small break outs in days. It does prove to have an anti-infammatory benefit and it keeps my hands from cracking in the winter. I have some rosacea and the soaps clean and do not irritate my face. I am so surprised at the overall non greasy formula. Keep up the good work. 
~ Blythe, Rocky River, Ohio

I bought this cream at the Cleveland Home & Garden show. I have been suffering with psoriasis this winter even after many visits to the doctor and using steroid creams. After just a week, I could see a difference. The itching is under control and the breakout is reduced. I love the feel of the cream. Also bought the Olive Oil Lavender soap. Love it too! 
~ Sharon, Thompson, Ohio

Morning Song Gardens, My name is Michelle Long and I am a 19 year old college student located in Greensboro, North Carolina, originally from New Jersey. I'm writing to you to THANK YOU for everything your product has done for me. As a kid, I had eczema on my arms, behind my legs, and on the back of my neck. This went away while I was still young and only just returned when I went away to college last year. I've struggled with eczema and trying to control it. It seemed the only time my flare-ups would clear is when I was at the beach or using an expensive cream my dermatologist prescribed!! I came across this fantastic company in Columbia, South Carolina at a craft show with my mother who liked the product and wanted to try it out. I AM SO GLAD WE DID! I have used the Bee Balm Cream for Face, Hand, and Body (Calendula Pomegranate) on my face before and loved how soft it made my skin feel. I recently had a VERY bad eczema flare-up about 6 days ago (last Friday) and have been using this lotion every day since. My skin is moisturized and clear. The results are absolutely amazing!! My family and friends are completely astonished by the before and after picture I have stitched together. I just want to thank you again SO much for this product. I love everything about it and I will most definitely be a customer for life. Best, Michelle -------------To VIEW actual before and after PHOTOS, go to either the " Morning Song Gardens News" January 30th listing or look under the "What's New" at the bottom of the home page.
~ Michelle, Greensboro, North Carolina

I found Morning Song Garden's calendula/ pomegranate lotion at a farmers market while my family was living in the Cleveland, OH metro area. I loved it. When we moved to Boston, MA, I assumed that I simply would have to find another lotion. Nothing compares... I have sensitive skin that is prone to break-outs, rosacea, and eczema. I am in my early 40s and nothing helps me maintain a pretty 'peaches and cream' complexion like this lovely cream. It has a nice scent. It protects my hands from cracking in the dry winter months. My children use it when their faces get dry or chapped from playing in the cold. All around wonderful. I am so glad that I am able to order it, and have it sent to Massachusetts. Thank you, Morning Song Gardens.
~ Sarah, Moston, MA

About a year ago I stopped by your booth and there were two women there. I asked about the lotions because I had breast cancer and can no longer use the regular soaps and lotions on the market. I was given a generous free sample and love your products. Thank you very much for your kindness and generousity. Thank you for making a wonderful product too. May God be with you. 
~ Joanne, Ohio

This is the best stuff ever! (Calendula Pomegranate Cream). I had 2 surgeries this year and the surgeons are amazed by how my skin looks, esp. the incisions as I used it around there when able.I am a fan for life
~ Kim, Ohio

I hopped into the 'natural' bandwagon recently. Since then, I've been on the look out for natural products that clean your hair well but don't strip it like the SLS shampoos do. We were at Whole Foods when the husband spotted shampoo bars and we decided to pick this one! That was the best decision ever! Get this, I've only used this shampoo bar once(day before yesterday) and I can't stop touching my hair and can't stop raving about this bar. I was so surprised with the rich lather that I had to do some search online and learnt that Yucca is high in saponins and hence, the lather! My hair has never been this soft(in a good way, not in a silicone kind of way!). I'm in love!!!! Won't change to anything else here on! My search is over! Please keep this bar coming and never change it or stop making it! Thanks a lot for bringing my hair back to it's original soft form like it was back in my childhood! All this in one wash! (My hair is Medium length, straight, Asian texture and black in color.) Couldn't be happier! Can't wait to try out other products from your line! 
~ Ramya, USA

Found this gem (Almond Vanilla Bee Balm Cream) at a craft show and decided to try. I am totally hooked. For the past couple of years I have not been able to use anything on my face except for jojoba oil. I have developed an allergy to parabens. This product is by far the best I have ever used. I would also like to know if the whole foods in Columbia, sc carries this. Have yet to go there, but I will surely never stop using this product!! 
~ Joanne, Columbia, SC

I have used bee and natural based products for many years, but still hadn't found the perfect thing for skin that was incredibly dry in the winter and sensitive to sunscreen for outdoors time. With your lotions, with a natural SPF, I was able to ditch the irritating commercial suncreen (and no burning) and found, that even in the harshest, coldest weather my skin stayed protected and soft. Plus the herbal scents are so soothing and relaxing. You have a customer for life! 
~ Linda, Indiana

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I purchased body creme, soap and a lotion bar at the Dulles Expo Center and when you saw that I had psoriasis you gave me some free samples(thank you for your generosity). The products are amazing and my itching is almost completely gone. I will be ordering your product regularly especially the shampoo. I can't wait to see more improvements as I continue to use Morning Song Garden products. Amy 
~ Amy, Dulles

I run a food Pantry and Wellness Center for the needy in the city of Cincinnati. I wash my hands so often they crack and split at the nails every winter. Last winter was the first time it did not happen due to your bee balm solid lotion. That product is amazing! I am so thankful for it and have recommended it to my friends. I have purchased it for my daughters and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for a great product. I also really enjoy your beeswax candles. They smell wonderful and are great for the environment. My Grandfather was a bee keeper so your products remind me of my childhood. Thank you!! Blessings, Jennifer
~ Jennifer, Cincinnati, Ohio

I am so thankful for your products. I have dry feet and have used so many different lotions. Nivea combined with baby oil would work for one day. The next day my feet would be back to peeling and flaking. One day I was in Whole Foods and I walked by a display and listened to the woman talk about bees wax. I went back two weeks later and bought the lavender and vanilla cream. My feet are beautiful and I love this product I use it all over my body. My fiance has scars from acne. I am going today and purchase the calendula and pomegranite. I plan on getting soap, shampoo bar and the cream. I am so excited I have told my co-workers and they are going to Whole Foods to try your product. Thank you for your natural product. Please don't ever change them. Sincerely, KayC from Cleveland Heights, OH 
~ KayC, Cleveland Heights

Hello, Louise&Fred, I wanted to share one of my horrible experiences with you,, and how your lotion ( I used fresh citrus) SAVED my skin!!!! Sometimes last year I decided to have a Glycolic acid peel ( one of the mildest) ,,, I was told it was organic, natural and totally safe for super sensitive skin like mine... As soon, as I had it applied, my face was on FIRE... I was reassured by the staff that it was a normal reaction and that burning sensation will subside shortly.Well, the pain was getting worse and unbearable, (I rather not mention my mental sate at that time) and then I remembered my wonderful fresh citrus moisturizer, and let me tell you : WOW,, as soon as I applied the cream,,the burning pain went away and it felt soooo amazing against my skin... It had a cooling and calming effect ( both mentally and physically:))... I can't tell you, how thankful I was that I had your wonderful and miraculous product right there, in my hands,, ,, and thanked God for your existence,, and for my friends existence who recommended your product,,, wow, just moments before that, ,I seriously thought that I had ruined my skin for life.. I kept applying it through out the day and before sleep,, and before you know it,, the skin started healing,, and within one week,, I had my face back:) and LOVED my fresh citrus balm more than anything :) Thank you thank you thank you,,,,, I' ll be your customer for LIFE,, my daughter and I are using it daily,, and she too loves your products so much,,,, I would pay any amount for this kind of quality.. I was in Europe for a while, and everyone there ( that I let try cream) loved it sooo much,, I was worried it would get stolen from me,,,please think about sharing your miracle overseas too!!!!!! Attached are my pictures,,, so you get a visual too,,, first one was right after I left the spa,, second one or two days later,, third just before it healed completely and last one ,, when my skin was totally healed!!! ---TO VIEW PICTURES--- see "Morning Song Gardens News" section on home page dated Thursday, September 12,2013._______ P.S.Please rename your product to " MIRACLE in the gardens!!!!!!!!! Best wishes, Sanela 
~ Sanela, TN

My husband after digging test holes in the dirt, in NC developed an Ezema on his entire body, we went to the dermatologist doctor, he was put on heavy duty steroids, for 2 months, didn't touch it, went to another dermatologist put him on antihistamine pills, didn't' touch it, I have bought and tried everything, Aveno, Cetaphil, noxzema, desetin, and so forth, changed laundry soap, bought olive oil soap from FreshFace, and other brands, Castor shampoo and so forth, I tried a white vinegar mixture, even bought special vitamins and vitamin E pills, Still my husband suffers with giant patches of fiery red skin and open sores. I kept praying for resolution. Then I went to the craft show in Myrtle Beach, SC and passed right by the Morning Song Gardens booth, I saw it but I at this point was so disappointed in everything I tried for the last 2 years, but something drew me back, I looked at their products, read the labels and walked away and once I got about 15 feet away and it was as if God was telling me , no leading back to the booth and implanting the notion, pick up the Calendula Pomegranate Cream and buy it. I did, the feeling was so strong and I am a total skeptic. OMG! within a week the red patches are healing, by the second week the open sore on his stomach are healing, and I am now buying the Cream and Honey bar and shampoo bar, along with more of this fabulous cream, for myself, my husband and my mom. And I will let you all know how they work. I am so thankful for Morning Song Gardens. This was the only item I bought that day at the craft fair. Thanks be to God and you there at Morning Song Gardens, you are a blessing and are Blessed healers. Thank you. God's garden is the best garden.
~ Linda, South Carolina

Just wanted to let you know that I love the Bee Balm Cream. I have lymphedema in my legs and frequently get blisters that open and seep fluid. I have been using the Bee Balm Cream for the last 6 months and have not had any open blisters in almost 3 months. My doctors are amazed. (One has even been recommending it to other patients.) I think by massaging the balm into my legs every day, I am improving the circlation and keeping the edema in check. Thankyou for this wonderful balm. 
~ Ann, Ohio

Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream: Bought this for my daughter for her psoriasis and it works great. I decided, on a whim, to try it on my hair and I was amazed! My ends are dry from blow drying and using a flat iron and this works better than any expensive product I have tried. You have to try it!
~ Karen, Ohio

Lavender Vanilla Bee Balm Cream: This is the most amazing product I have ever used. My husband loves it also. I really do not know how it works, but it does. Everyone I have given this to is amazed with how great it makes your skin feel.
~ Stacie, Medina, Ohio

I've been using the lotion bar for a few weeks now, and I'm blown away by the results! The soles of my feet are much smoother. I've also been dealing with awful acne and acne scars for years now, so I decided to try the lotion bar on my face. It's been a huge help! My scars are significantly less visible, and my acne is much more manageable. I never thought my face could heal so well in such a short amount of time! I never write reviews, but I just had to this time! 
~ Jennifer, Cleveland, Ohio

I purchased this product (Unscented Bee Balm Cream) at Whole Foods in Columbus. I was looking for something to apply to my face at night, and I was interested in something that would be rich enough to help moisturize my now aging skin (nearing 40!). This product was recommended to me by the health care specialist at Whole Foods, and although I was initially worried about the beeswax, I have been extremely pleased! My skin has been very hydrated, smooth, and supple since using (she even recommended I use it during the day, under my sunscreen). It doesn't seem oily or heavy, and I have been very happy with the way my skin feels. I will definitely be buying it again! 
~ Michelle, Columbus

i love your soaps and lip balms. I especially love your calendula and pomegranite cream. For two years I have tried various Rx lotions and creams to use on my feet for a problem with peeling of my skin. They would make the skin look good for a day, but then the next day it was back to the same problem. I started using your calendula cream and within 3-4 days my feet looked noticeably better. I continue to use it every morning and the skin on my feet have never ever looked so good!! Thank you so much for this awesome product! Thanks! 
~ Lee, Solon, Ohio

I received this massage lotion bar as a gift from my Sister and Love it!! As a nurse I have to wash my hands continuously and they become very dry and cracked. This bar is a miracle worker! I would recommend it to anyone!
~ Kelley, Piqua

I seldom write reviews but felt compelled to do so. I received the Bee Balm Cream as a gift. I threw it on before bed and was shocked when I woke up with baby smooth skin. It is better than any speciality creams out there! I just re-ordered this, as well as a few other items. Great product
~ Wendy, Cleveland, Ohio

AMAZI(NG! I purchased this lavender vanilla balm at the Country Living Fair this past September. I put it next to my bed and used it every night before I went to bed. I rubbed it into my hands and then I put it all over my face. (soft skin! no break-outs!) I adore the true lavender scent with the wonderful addition of vanilla. Just smelling it relaxes me! The 2oz jar lasted me one month and I'm back for more! 
~ Sarah, Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi!! At the Expo in Chantilly, Va, I was looking over your products when I heard the word 'psoriasis.' That got my attention! Louise and I spent a few minutes sharing our horror stories, then she recommended the Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream for Face, Hand and Body. Some days my face (upside down T-zone) gets red, dry, irritated and burns, much like severe sunburn. Last night and today, immediately after putting it on my face the stinging vanished! When it burned in the past I tried aloe and everything else, which only made it worse. Even highly-touted natural remedies (olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil) were waaay too greasy to wear everyday under makeup. It's only been one application for the plaque psoriasis spots, so I can't comment on that yet (though I have no doubt it'll help). What's great, too, is it takes very little to cover. So a little jar goes a long way -- though I will say I'm getting the bigger jar next time! This cream is the answer to my prayers!!! Thank you!!! 
~ Jean, Chantilly, Virginia

I just bought this Sat. at the Garlic Fesitval and am thrilled with the product. It is thin, not greasy and not pore clogging. I have sensitive skin and am always concerned. I put it on before bed and wake up with the smoothest skin. Now, I'm using it on the dayside as well. Thanks for your care with keeping the products natural. ~ Kathy 
~ Kathy, Cleveland, Ohio

I have never in my life written a review, but seriously, your bee balm lotion bar has changed my life. I've always hated using traditional lotions, but this stuff is easy to use and totally effective. Already, my skin looks 10 years younger. I'll do whatever I can do to promote and support your product. Keep it up! 
~ Cindy, Akron. Ohio

I just purchased your Bee Balm Face Cream at Whole Foods in Shadyside, PA. The young lady that was selling it was wonderfully sweet and knowledgeable. I just tried the product on my face and it is AMAZING. I think you should sell it in the bigger size jars.
~ Blessed Be, Shadyside, PA

My husband has a rare condition where one of his feet is extremely dry causing cracking in the skin. This is especially bad in the summer when exposed to the air. Both the podiatrist and dermatologist say it is not a fungal infection or anything they can help. He has been using the Bee balm in stick form and it has really helped. The balm does not cure it but makes it much more tolerable and softens the heel area where the cracking is the worst. If you have any extremely dry areas on your body his balm will do the trick... 
~ Tish, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

A friend of mine gave me Morning Song calendula pomegranate cream when I started radiation treatments for breast cancer. she said her mother-in-law had used it to treat her skin during her radiation treatments. I already had another product that contains calendula thatI intended to use exclusively as it came highly recommended. However, a few weeks into treatments when I started to experience some severe itching due to folliculitis, a common side effect of radiation, I decided to try the Morning Song calendula pomegranate cream. It was the only lotion that stopped the itching. As a bonus, it also has a very nice, light fragrance. I highly recommend this product to anyone undergoing radiation treatments.
~ Susan, Cleveland, Ohio

I want to thank you so much for your great customer service. I ordered a jar of the Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream yesterday and received it in the mail today! All the best, Amanda 
~ Amanda, Avon Lake, Ohio

Love this stuff! (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) I use it on my face at bed time. It's great for minor burns too!
~ Karin, Avon, Ohio

I have psoriasis on my hands and feet. This lotion (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) has made my skin so much better. I can walk with no problem. it has calmed my psoriasis like nothing else ever has and I have tried everything!!
~ Barbara, Columbus, Ohio

WOW thanks for being at this years home and flower show. glad I purchased the soaps that you had there. trying the Frankincense & Myrhh olive oil soap today and can't wait to try the others. Hey, Pretty good stuff!!!! My daughter already snatched up the Lavender Vanilla. Pleased with the soaps here in Middleburg Heights. 
~ Paul, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Thank you Fred and Louise! I met you at the Dulles Expo and tried your product for my eczema Calendula Pomegranate Cream). It really helped. A woman at my work has the same condition and ordered your product too. It worked for her too. The moisture in it is great. I like using it instead of the medicine that the doctor gave me which was doing who knows what to my system. I really like using it as a night cream; It feels so good on my face. Thank you. Sharon
~ Sharon, Virginia

Louise & Fred, Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I discovered your soaps and lotions at a holiday bazaar in Cleveland (where I was born and raised) a couple years ago. I live in Minneapolis now and have many opportunities to sample organic, natural and/or locally produced soaps and lotions but have yet to find something as therapeutic and excellent as your honey and cream soap and rosemary mint lotion. I couldn't survive a Minnesota winter, or the rest of the year for that matter, without it! The quaility is top notch, lasts forever and does wonders for my sensitive skin and mild excema. I buy the unscented honey & cream soap and it has a wonderful faint smell of the natural ingredients which I find very soothing. The rosemary mint lotion is excellent before bed to soothe dry hands and feet, with a relaxing aroma. Highly recommended! Please post updates on where you might be selling locally so that my family in the western Cleveland suburbs might have an opportunity to sample and purchase. Thanks much! Holly - Minneapolis, MN
~ Holly, Minneapolis

Dearest Sister is Christ: I wanted to let you know what this incrdible formulation has done for me. I thank God that we met. I no longer have rosea or exzema. I use it for pain relief for not only the fibromyalgia, but other pain issues. If I have baking burns, or other skin irritations or lesions, the (Calendula Pomegranate) cream takes care of that as well. I stopped using vitamin E oil on my left knee replacement scar. The cream has proven to be much more effective. I've shared it with so many friends, and their issues have also abated. Thank you, thank you. God Bless you..................Linda
~ Linda, Unknown

My son suffers from eczema. I have used every natural remedy as well as medications. Nothing works! I bought your product (Calendula Pomegranate Cream) at the craft show in Va Beach. It cleared up his outbreak and he hasnt had one since! This is the first time in 10 years he is eczema free in the winter months! Thank you so much!
~ Beth, Virginia Beach

The candles arrived today and they are incredible!!! More than I hoped! I'm carving Christ candles for the center of Advent wreaths for 25 families. I bought 10 candles somewhere else before I found you. Now, I won't buy anywhere else. Also, thank you for the soap samples. I will be calling soon because I make soap stones and think I could use most anything you make. Will be talking cause what I need are scraps - will also send you a picture of soap stones. They are going like hotcakes but I won't have time to make more before Christmas. Thank you again...I'm so glad I found you! Pat
~ Pat, TN

I just wanted you to know that I purchased the Calendula Pomegranate Cream from the Sauerkraut Festival this year. I also purchased the oatmeal soap. My two year old grandson has eczema and extremely sensitive skin. He has been using a cortisone cream since about six months. The young lady that sold me the product was wonderful. I don't know her name but I am going to say she was in her late 20's. She helped me to select the best product for my grandson. Your product is wonderful. I purchased a small 2 oz at the festival. It was great. I just placed an order for a large one for home, a small one for the diaper bag and oatmeal soap for my precious little grandson. I am so glad that we do not have to use the cortisone cream now. Thanks so much for making such a great product. Sincerely, Rossanna 
~ Rossanna, Ohio

Hello, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products. My husband and I recently purchased lotions soaps and lip calms from your Booth at ' Christmas in the woods' . Not only are they helping me with acne and old scarring, but I have also found out that they work fantastic on my recent tattoo work. I'm heading to the shop today to have more work done and am planning on telling my artist all about your product and its benefits. I am truely impressed, I'll be looking toward to purchasing morevof your products in the future. Thanks again. 
~ Kathy, Ohio

We bought several of your products at the Yankee Peddler Festival. We are now going to be purchasing more. I've been using your soaps and balms and have seen amazing results already. As a woman with rosacea and acne I was taking medications to help with it. I had to stop (for other health reasons) and was stuck with problem skin. Since I've started using your soap my skin is clearing, is softer than its been in YEARS and I am so happy. I was a skeptic, but now am convinced and we will be buying more when our current supply dwindles. Thank you so much. Its so nice to be able to use something natural and not be putting even more chemicals in my body! 
~ April D., Ohio

Hi! I met you at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago, and I ended up buying one lip balm and you also gave me a shimmer balm to review for my youtube style and beauty channel. Here is the video link: 
~ Cara, Ohio

Hi Louise, We have done two shows together in Virginia Beach. I'm the raku potter who first tried your creams & lip balms at the Christmas show in November, then restocked at the Spring show... Still loving all of your products! Hope your spring continues to go well with shows. This week I rewired our kiln & got 5 blisters on my hands the first day....two of which broke as I was working. Thought I'd be out of commission for a few days, but slathered your calendula pomegranate lotion on my palms & fingers repeatedly that Night. Was able to finish the job the next day! Now, two days later, with repeated applications of your cream all but the worse blister is completely healed! Ok - totally amazed here!!! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. I should have bought the biggest jar at the spring show instead of the middle one. I have a feeling your cream will go on much more than my face in the months to come. Have a great 2011. Look forward to seeing you in November. Sincerely, Monique 
~ Monique, Virginia

Dear Friends: You may or may not remember me but I found your product at the Shaker Square fair at the recommendation of my sister. I live in St. Maarten and have shared it with friends. I now have another friend who cannot believe what it has done for another friend's skin. She will be contacting you to order. Her name is Laura and lives in New York City. I will give her your website. 
~ Nancy, St. Maarten

I have a testimonial for you from tonight. :) "Can I please have some of that lotion on my cheeks? It's so soft! It feels like a comforter!" Veronica, age 4.75 Emily 
~ Emily, California

I would like to tell you that I bought a jar of your Calendula Pomegranate Hand and Body Cream on a whim, thinking this was just another cream to try for my dry winter skin. To my surprise and amazement the cream has been the best thing for my skin this winter. I have been seeking many solutions, and spent countless dollars that would ease the cracking and flaking of that happens during this time of year, and I was never satisfied. When I tried the Calendula Pomegranate Hand and Body Cream my problems were solved! I love the way your cream makes my skin feel and look. No more itching or flaking. Thank you for making something that truly helps my skin, and is also reasonably priced. Sincerely, Victoria 
~ Victoria, Ohio

Dear Morning Song Gardens, I wanted to share with you a remarkable story about your lip balm product. I was walking through the farmer's market outside the Cleveland Clinic in September when I bought some Bee Balm for Lips from your booth. My mother was at Cleveland Clinic due to heart complications and she had a rather large, bothersome sore right above her lip. We had asked the doctors about it, but they didn't prescribe any lotions or drugs for it - presumably because they were more concerned with her urgent heart problems. When I returned with the bee balm, my mother was complaining about the sore, and I asked her if she'd like to put a little of the bee balm on it. We figured it wouldn't hurt! Every day we applied a little. When her doctor came in three days later, he asked what happened to the sore on her lip because it was remarkably smaller. He was surprised when we told him we were using a bee balm product that we bought at the farmer's market! By the end of the week, the sore was almost completely healed. I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful product. My mother still uses it and loves sharing this story. It surely is a testimonial to the healing powers of your product. 
~ Kathy, Ohio

Hi Louise, This cream is amazing! Thank you so much for turning me on to it. Also, no worries about me going to the Clinic. Even though Donita is pushing me to be there, I don't think I will. Thanks again for making this bee balm cream. Hope you and Fred have a super weekend! See you next Saturday! 
~ Lucy, Ohio

Hello Louise, This is Bev, I met you yesterday and wasn't sure which of your products that I used that took away my psoriasis and so far has not returned. You were correct, it was Calenoula Pomegranate Cream for Face, Hands and Body. I only hope the soap and dry skin lotion work as well. Nice meeting you. I'll keep you update on my psoriasis. So far so good. Bev

Dear Louise: I bought your product on Dec. 5, 2009. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first since I have suffered with psoriasis for 4 years now and nothing but steriods seems to work and they only work for one day and then in the morning the patches are back to scaly and dry. I bought the Calendula Pomegranate Cream to try on my psoriasis and my children's ezcema on their face (ages 5 & 2). Shortly after I put the cream on my psoriasis, the scalyness began to soften and peel off, leaving my pink new skin to be seen again. I was completely amazed at the results after one application. Recently I had all but given up on trying anything new and had just come to resolve that this is how my skin would look for the rest of my life. I had tried Oil of Oregano, baby oil, various steroids creams, Aveeno and tar cream, all of which worked but for a moment or not at all, leaving me hopeless.....until Calendula Pomegranate Cream!! Even my 5 year old has remarked that this is the best cream ever because it smells nice and makes his face really soft!! A 5-year old can even speak the truth. So even today, I am using this product 1 - 2 times daily and it is December 12, 2009, exactly one week and my top yellowish scaly layers have NOT returned!!! I just wanted to send you a really big THANK YOU!! Plus I look forward to buying more product and trying your soaps and lotion bars! Amazing product! Thank you, 
~ Janene, Ohio

Hello! I met you the last few years at the Yankee Peddler. The first year I purchased a beeswax candle that I absolutely loved! This last year, I purchased a bee balm lotion bar. I have since asked for soaps, candles, and other lotions for my birthday which is coming up soon. I can't wait to receive the additional items. The lotion has been wonderful on my skin and I feel so nourished when I use it! Thank you so much for creating such beautiful products! Blessings to you and yours! Nancy 
~ Nancy, Ohio

Order Comments: Your calendula pomegranate cream has made me look 19. I am only 28 but now people always say I look well rested...these people have seen me everyday for 10 years & NEVER said that before! You should target younger people to market this to...preserves youth 
~ No Name, Ohio

I met you around Christmas time at Crocker Park, and recently placed an order for more products I believe in April. In any event, I love your soaps and lotions. I use the lotion bar, but also the cream. I gave my daughter's teachers gifts this past winter, and also my Mom for mother's day. So far your products have cured the cracked and dried hands of preschool teachers, severe rosacea that my mom was suffering with, and a really nasty sunburn that I mistakenly gave myself! I love this stuff! It's completely addictive. I tell everyone I know about it. It really is great stuff! 
~ No Name, Ohio

I live in Bainbridge and purchased a number of your products at the Shaker Market. Do you also sell right from your farm. I would be interested in stopping by to get some products. My twins boys use the frankensicse has help their skin wonderfully. I will share the information about the soap with other friends who have teenage children! We have stopped taking them to the Dermatolgist since your soap has helped better than the perscription medicine! 

I am so grateful to your company. My Grandmother had been suffering from a horrible skin allergy on her face for a couple years! Some days, her eyes were swollen into slits because of the puffy and irritated skin around them. Her doctors said she was allergic to formaldehyde, and she was following all of their dietary/lifestyle suggestions, in addition to trying prescribed creams, drugs, etc. Still, she had seen little to no improvement. I was incredibly frustrated and so upset for her. A firm believer in natural health remedies, I went to Whole Foods and spoke with one their vitamins & mineral experts. A kind woman spent 10 minutes with me listening to my Grandmother's condition. She recommended she take a probiotic and suggested buying your Calendula Pomegranate Cream to put on her face. I did - and as luck would have it, your creams were being featured in the front of the vitamin section that day. I bought some for myself too, since I suffer from rosacea. Within days, my Grandmother's face cleared up COMPLETELY and HAS NOT RETURNED! She now uses your lotion every night before bed. During her last doctor's visit, they were stunned when they saw her condition had vanished. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It's so hard to watch loved ones suffer, and your amazing product deserves respect and recognition, as it is helping thousands of people heal. I am now using the cream myself to see how it affects rosacea. Keep you posted! 
~ Marlo, Ohio

Dear Fred and Louise, I have to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." I have been in such intense pain from arthritis for three years. Nothing I did brought any relief. I really believe your bee balm lotion bar has been a miracle to me. Doug has also been helped as he has had some pain and stiffness in his neck and shoulder area. I wanted to thank you but I also have a suggestion. It would be great to have a place on your web site for testimonials. The changes I have seen in myself have been dramatic. Not only am I almost always pain free I am having a lot more mobility in my hip joint. I almost always limped and now it is either not there at all or barely noticeable. I can hardly believe the difference. It's like I have been given a new lease on life. I was very limited in what I could do in one day. Today I hung laundry outside, washed my car, and cleaned out two flower beds. Normally I would not have been able to do all that in one day and if I tried it I would be crippled up in pain for a couple of days afterward. Today I applied the lotion bar before starting these tasks and after a shower I applied it again. I am feeling wonderful. I have been telling others about your products. I really want you to succeed and be blessed. I pray for you and if there's anything I can do to help spread the word I will. God Bless You! 
~ Rhonda, Ohio

I've been using this rose clay facial soap since it arrived several days ago & I'm very pleased with how my skin feels, there's no dryness & no residue. I don't typically use facial soaps, but wanted to try this one & I really couldn't be more pleased. 
I have only been using this product for a short time (Calendula Pomegranate Cream), but I am amazed at how it has helped with my eczema. I prefer to use natural products over steroid creams. It is very creamy and goes on smooth.
This product (Sore Muscle & Joint Cream) is amazing! We have used it for all types of sore muscle pain. I purchase some as a Christmas gift. We have invited family and friends that were complaining of sore muscles to try some. They have all bought it after giving it a try. I was skeptical, but it really does help!
I love this product (Sore Muscle & Joint Rub) , and have shared it with many friends and co-workers, who now love the product .  if you ever have any coupons for it please send    thank you so much , as a cancer survivor i find this as one of the best for pain  thank you 



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