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Bee Balm FACE Cream


Product Description

Bee Balm Face Cream from Morning Song Gardens is a natural face cream for all-natural face care – with virgin olive oil, pomegranate, calendula and more healthful ingredients to make your face smile

This Beeswax Face Cream is a natural Daily Repair Face Cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also nourishes the skin and helps protect from moisture loss. Our organic botanical blend of this Beeswax cream helps to Moisten Dry Skin and Reduce fine line wrinkles. Rich bee hive ingredients provide nutrients for the skin which makes your skin glow and look moisturized. This fragrance-free non-greasy cream is ideal for face, neck and around the eye area. How to use: Gently smooth Bees was cream over damp face and neck. For best results, use after our clay facial soaps. This cream can accompany our facial oil line.

 Ohio Beeswax is a natural wonder that keeps skin moistened, and young looking. It forms a protective layer on the skin keeping the skin soft and hydrating.

  1. Beeswax is nature’s natural exfoliator- ideal for sloughing away dead skin.
  2. The Beeswax is nature humectant. This means that it attracts and retains water. Both as a humectant and also forming a protective layer can help the skin stay hydrated, moistened and young looking.
  3. Thanks to Beeswax’s antibacterial properties! Beeswax has a long history of being used for certain skin issues. Historically, this has included treating burns and wounds
  4. Beeswax is a chief ingredient in many types of products. It is used in skin care creams, makeup, sunscreen, baby products, hair, and lip balm. We use it to make lotion bars, which works doubly good to keep your skin soft and hydrated.
  5. Today, skincare specialists use Ohio Beeswax to soothe symptoms of certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.
  6. Many of our customers found that the daily application of a honey mixture with Beeswax to the skin of people with dermatitis or psoriasis led to a significant improvement in both conditions over 2 weeks.
  7. If you are a DIYer here are the ingredients: Combined equal parts raw honey, beeswax, and olive oil (1:1:1 ratio). Mix thoroughly. Don’t get your hopes too high. We have a protected process including equipment to blend perfectly.
  8. Many people believe natural products, such as beeswax, are clinically superior than other manmade products for the management of sensitive skin than skincare products with synthetic ingredients.
  9. Natural products minimized the chances of skin irritation while still providing soothing benefits


Product Videos

Morning Song Gardens | Bee Balm Face Cream 01:21

This Beeswax Face Cream is a natural Daily Repair Face Cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also nourishes the skin and helps protect from moisture loss. Our organic botanical blend of this Beeswax cream helps to Moisten Dry Skin and Reduce fine line wrinkles. Rich bee hive ingredients provide nutrients for the skin which makes your skin glow and look moisturized. This fragrance-free non-greasy cream is ideal for face, neck and around the eye area. How to use: Gently smooth Bees was cream over damp face and neck. For best results, use after our clay facial soaps. This cream can accompany our facial oil line.

  • Morning Song G...
    This Beeswax Face Cream is a natural Daily Repair Face Cream t...


Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Cera Alba (Raw Beeswax), Purified Aqua (Water), Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, Borago Officinalis (Organic Borage) Seed Oil, Organic Hippophae Rhamnoides (Organic Sea Buckthorn) CO2, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) and Sodium Borate (Natural Stabilizer), Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Product Reviews

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  1. LOVE this cream

    Posted by Alyson Love on Jun 24th 2021

    This paired with the face soap is just amazing! I have eczema and am nursing, so this is the perfect all natural solution

  2. Silky Smooth

    Posted by Connie on Jun 4th 2021

    Discovered this product and LOVE IT!! I apply it to slightly damp face and it is nourishing and makes my skin feel like velvet.

  3. Truly The Best Face Cream!!

    Posted by Molly Tepe on Feb 14th 2021

    Came across this face cream at Jungle Jim's, bought it on a whim. I have super sensitive skin so I wasn't sure how it would go but WOW. On my second month using it and my skin has never looked better. Gifted this face cream to four people with various skin types and they all love it. Thank you so much!!

  4. Soothing

    Posted by Sherrie on Nov 13th 2020

    Absorbs in the cream and makes the skin feel smooth and silky.

  5. my smiling face

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 2nd 2020

    I have been using this cream daily for quite some time. It moisturizes my face, giving it some elasticity and shine....especially in the Winter time.

  6. nice cream

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20th 2020

    my first time using this, i am satisfied with this in comparison to the "face, hands & body non-fragrance".

  7. Have been using fro over 5 years!

    Posted by Lisa strauss on May 22nd 2020

    Love this product. We met Louise and her husband over 5 years ago, tried this product and have used it ever since. It feels clean and pure. Our skin has really enjoyed this product! Thank you.

  8. Great for dry skin!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2020

    This cream is great for dry skin! I put it on at night and my face stays hydrated the next day. I have sensitive skin and this is one of the few creams that doesn't cause a reaction. Thank you for this product!!

  9. First Time Trying This And...

    Posted by Ellie W. on Feb 21st 2020

    I love this one, too. Smooth and soothing.

  10. Fantastic Face Cream!

    Posted by Marlaina on Aug 9th 2019

    I've used the Calendula Pomegranate Bee Balm Cream for a while now, and I decided to give the Face Cream a try - I was not disappointed! I wash my face with the Black Clay Facial Soap then lightly pat my face so my face is still a little damp, and then apply this cream and it's super easy to blend in. I had always hesitated to use a thick cream on my face because I have such oily skin, but I use this every day now. I wash my face and use this cream under my makeup and have no more issues with shine popping up later in the day. When I use it at night, my skin looks so healthy and clear in the morning. Highly recommend!

  11. Honestly love

    Posted by Barrie on Mar 26th 2019

    I actually look forward to face care routine!


    Posted by Donna McKenna on Mar 15th 2019

    I have been using this product now for several years. I love it. It makes my face feel so soft and it is non-greasy like some of the other products I previously used. I also love how quickly they ship it once I have placed an order.

  13. Love the bee balm face cream!

    Posted by Louise Galaska on Feb 21st 2019

    I have dry, sensitive skin. This cream isnt greasy and makes my face feel soft and moisturized all day. I threw away my other, mass -produced creams and will use only this - day and night - from now on.

  14. Beards like it also

    Posted by Donna on Dec 11th 2018

    My son-in-law happened upon the sample I gave my daughter and used it on his beard. He liked it so much that he inquired on how to purchase a jar, so I surprised him with a jar as an early Christmas gift.

  15. Awesome creme

    Posted by Elizabeth Applegate on Oct 24th 2018

    This creme is so wonderful on my skin. It is great for the winter when my skin gets so dry.

  16. Super- hydrating!

    Posted by debbi rhodes on Jul 10th 2018

    I have tried every cream out there and this one keeps my very dry skin the most moist throughout the day. Works perfectly under makeup. I love it!

  17. Rosacea woes no more

    Posted by SHEILA JOHNSON on Apr 10th 2018

    Best my skin has felt and looks amazing. Smooth, soft, all those old acne scars are faded. Fine lines and wrinkles and flakey skin just disappear. Rosacea redness has gone.I love the natural ingredients too. I am so thankful to Louise, her Family, and Staff for my miracle cream.

  18. Love This Moisturizer

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 7th 2018

    I use this at night! Goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and leaves my face very moisturized! I love the inscented version!

  19. Awesome Bee Balm Face Cream

    Posted by Sheila on Apr 6th 2018

    I was looking for a organic cream with calendula. My rosacea, psoriasis, mature, dry skin responds so well to this ingredient. This cream has such a nice, smooth, moisturizing, quick absorbing consistency and is non-greasy. My face was dry, red, irritated and flakey. I put this cream on and it was gone. I just love that my skin tone is nice and I don't have that dry sunburned look. It is a miracle cream to me since it can take care of all my skin issues within that one cream. I really appreciate the samples of soap that I wanted to try. I didn't ask for it, but it was in the package. It's like Morning Song Gardens knew what I needed. May God bless You All.

  20. Love this!

    Posted by denise on Apr 5th 2018

    My face and neck are smooth and soft. My skin is clear and healthy. I tried many face creams but now that I found this natural product I am never going back to all those crazy chemical filled overpriced products.

  21. Love!!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 26th 2018

    This face cream makes my skin soft and it literally glows! A little bit is all you need to moisturize dry skin.

  22. Lovely Product

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 25th 2018

    Both my daughter and I are enjoying this balm.

  23. Soothing and Smoothing!!

    Posted by Jane on Mar 12th 2018

    I adore this face cream -- it is immediately soothing when my skin feels dry and itchy. I use it every morning under my makeup and at night before bed. It reduces the appearance of all the wrinkles, feels wonderful and the jar lasts a long time. No icky chemical ingredients, either!

  24. Great product!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 28th 2018

    In the past, I've been using the Frankincense and Myrrh face and body cream on my face, which was a bit oily feeling but did well. This Bee Balm face cream is not oily feeling, and it does a wonderful job on my aging facial skin. I highly recommend this product!

  25. Best in the market

    Posted by Mikki on Feb 24th 2018

    Have been using this product since October, 2017. Still have over 25% left in jar. A little goes a long way. Fine lines have all but disappeared. Skin is so soft. Love this product!

  26. Heavy

    Posted by Dorothy Sherer on Feb 21st 2018

    I find this cream hard to spread, its quite heavy, I thought it would have been a much smoother cream

  27. No more department store creams

    Posted by Ranae on Feb 20th 2018

    I have officially switched over to Morming song gardens face cream, so much more moisturizing than department store creams!!

  28. The Best!

    Posted by on Feb 20th 2018

    Love the products! I have only been using them a few weeks, but I could tell a difference in my skin already. I believe this will be the only akin products I will ever use again. A few samples was also included in my order which was awesome. I saw these products on Good Morning Cleveland and at the Home & Garden Show and so happy I gave them a try.

  29. Best ever face cream

    Posted by Elizabeth Applegate on Feb 14th 2018

    Love this product. Light, creamy, penetrating, non-greasy, covers nicely.

  30. Hope I never have to bee without this cream!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2017

    What’s not to love about this product? It’s hydrating,healing,safe,and natural! I use it every morning under my sunscreen and every evening as a night cream.
    I swear it heals my occasional hormonal acne and doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes.I hope to never be without this product.Blessed are the bees!

  31. Pure Nature

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 15th 2017

    I’ve only been using it for a few days now but so far I love it!


    Posted by Vicki Truesdale on Dec 4th 2017

    I have used this cream for a few years. I absolutely love it! I won't use anything else.

  33. Sensitive skin approved!

    Posted by Katie on Nov 27th 2017

    I not only have extremely sensitive skin, but I also have eczema and psoriasis, so I’m always trying to find products that work without being irritating. This cream has completely changed my rough, dry, flaky, red skin & made it smooth, soft, and beautiful! I’ve even gotten a couple compliments on how nice my skin looks! I put it on every night before bed & my skin stays moisturized all day. I highly recommend trying this face cream!

  34. VERY creamy

    Posted by sandy Steppenbacker on Sep 6th 2017

    I have been using this for 2 years and I love it!

  35. Clean and Natural

    Posted by Lisa Strauss on Aug 22nd 2017

    Love my bee balm face cream. I rub a very little in my hands then run a little water on it and use it on my face, neck and upper chest. My husband and I have been using it for many years and i think our skin looks wonderful even at an older age. Its pure. No chemicals. Love this product!

  36. Love this product

    Posted by Carol Ellen on Jul 25th 2017

    I started using this product last September and have only had to reorder twice. One jar lasts me about 3 months. I love that I am using natural products on my face. It feels rich with moisture even in the dry winters.

  37. Soothing skin cream

    Posted by Patty on Jul 13th 2017

    Love this cream! I got a bad burn one day and remembered that it was supposed to help. I put it on the burn liberally and felt the relief with in seconds. I reapplied every 15 minutes for the first hour and didn't even experience the sting or tightness in the skin after the first application. I still have a slight scar because it was a bad burn, but this cream is and was a life saver for me.

  38. My New face cream!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16th 2017

    So glad i discovered this cream! It absorbs wonderfully, does not leave my skin oily/greasy. My face looks radiant! I love that it is all natural.

  39. Will never use anything else

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 7th 2017

    This face cream is so nice. It's hydrating and feels amazing. Not greasy at all. I use it day and night. Can easily wear makeup over it. But, since using it I swear it has evened out my skin tone a bit and most days I don't even wear makeup anymore. Just a little mascara and under eye coverup. And I'm 42! I had my aunt try it and she loved it so much I just let her keep it and ordered another one for me. I will probably use this for the rest of my life.

  40. So Much Better Than the Doctor's Choices!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 3rd 2017

    A mole (Keratoses) appeared on my forehead and kept getting darker and began to protrude. I applied Bee Balm Face Cream every night and within a few months the spot faded and then completely disappeared! The dermatologist didn't believe me when I told him it was the bee cream.:-) His options had been to surgically remove it or live with it. This is one amazing product and I thank Louise for developing it and sharing it with us!

  41. Great product!

    Posted by Linda on May 27th 2017

    Product is great! I've been using it since last fall. My 5 yr old granddaughter told me just last week that my skin was so soft! Age spots seem to have lightened up too. When I ordered another jar, I mentioned it might be too heavy for summer and I wd get hot. Louise suggested I add a drop or two of water to the cream to thin it. Perfect!!!!!

  42. Rave reviews!

    Posted by Micki on Apr 13th 2017

    I first tried this item when I received it as a free sample with one of my original orders. I found that it's especially great on my face, but even better on my neck & upper chest area. The fine lines that older skin often shows tend to disappear & my skin feels years younger.

  43. Great Skin Cream

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 6th 2017

    I am 69 years old and over the years have developed rough raised bumps on my face as well as dark spots. This cream has lightened the dark spots and some of the rough spots have disappeared. The skin on my face feels smoother and firmer and fine lines less noticeable. Love this product.

  44. Excellent Product

    Posted by Donna on Feb 2nd 2017

    I have been using the face bee balm for about 5 years now. My face never feels dry and helps keep the youthful look to my skin and minimizes the wrinkles. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  45. Best Cream Ever

    Posted by Mary Shriver on Jan 12th 2017

    I truly feel the cream does everything that it was advertised to do. Wrinkles seem to have diminished, which other more expensive creams have not done for me in the past.

  46. Great!

    Posted by Karen on Jan 11th 2017

    I agree with all the great reviews of this face cream! I'm 47 skin is not what it used to be . rough spots, some age spots, this stuff smooths it all out. Plus winter in cleveland can be brutal on your skin. Dry & chapped no longer. My foundation looks so smooth now no dry flakiness! Only downside which is really no big deal is if you are an every other day hair shampooer you may find that changes. I like to put on my neck and my brown medium length hair gets kind of greasy looking around my neck. Again not really a big deal. My husband also has been using it on his face a likes it!

  47. Relief!!!

    Posted by Anne FarrG on Dec 24th 2016

    I've had diabetes for 28 years and have delicate skin. It's sensitive and prone to tiny tears. Since using your product I've had tremendous relief along with greatly improved texture of my skin. People have been giving me compliments left and right about how goog I look.I'm just thankful my skin doesn't hurt any more! Thank you for your products!!!

  48. Best

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 14th 2016

    I have very dry skin. I have never found a better cream. Thank you Morning Song Gardens for making your incredible products, and thanks to the bees too! I will be a lifelong customer.

  49. great product

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 3rd 2016

    love this product for so many reasons

  50. Amazing product and outstanding customer service!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 25th 2016

    This is a great product; my face feels instantly smoother and more nourished without feeling greasy. I've tried several creams at more than twice the price and this stuff is still better by far. Plus, their customer service is outstanding. I ordered this online and was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived so quickly along with free samples and a hand written message on the receipt.

  51. Best product ever!

    Posted by Joanne on Sep 9th 2016

    Been using this product for a couple of years now and would not use any other product. I use it all over my face including my eye area. No other product compares; nothing but good stuff in the ingredients. This product is a no brainier. Great for all ages. My 19 year old daughter loves it too. LOVE IT!

  52. Really Works!

    Posted by Kelley V on Jul 28th 2016

    I've only been using this for a week and already the 2 patches of eczema near my eye have cleared up! This cream is not greasy and does not irritate my eyes.

  53. wonderful!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2016

    This face cream is the best! Rich and pure - skin just drinks it in! So glad I found your products!!

  54. Excellent priduct

    Posted by Lori on Jun 17th 2016

    So very happy to discover this line of products. Superior quality. Recommending to family and friends. Appreciate the organic ingredients. My skin loves it! Upsizing to large jar. The lavender is on my nightstand.

  55. Love this cream

    Posted by LJ on Jun 13th 2016

    My original purchase of this cream was made at the Shaker Woods Craft Festival in Ohio. I started with the small jar, however, this cream absorbs quickly, is not greasy and provides a deep level of moisture that shows on my skin with a dewy, healthy look, so I've moved up to the large jar. Never thought I would give up my 'department store' cream but my skin has responded so well to the natural ingredients in this cream that it has gone bye bye.

  56. The best moisturizer

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2016

    I suffer from acne and dry skin. I found this cream at my local Whole Foods (Richmond, VA) and it is the only face cream that keeps my skin from drying out without causing breakouts. My acne has almost entirely cleared up. When I ran out I went back to Whole Foods to buy more and they didn't have it anymore! Fortunately, I found the website and was able to order more. I absolutely love this super-thick face cream and will continue to use it!

  57. Perfect Moisturizer

    Posted by Barbara on May 19th 2016

    I use this every night and before I apply my makeup in the AM. It's a wonderful product and keeps my very dry skin hydrated. I love the texture and it feels so fresh on my skin.

  58. Love this

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 30th 2016

    I love this. My skin is sensitive to some creams & lotions (I cannot wear makeup without itching). This makes my face feel smooth & soft. I use it full strength on my nose and lips which got quite chapped before I started using this. I find it fairly thick for spreading on my whole face, so I put a dab of it in my palm, add a tiny dab of face lotion, mix, spread around my hands, and then apply to face. Perfect. And I don't notice any scent, so I don't even know it's there.

  59. Goodbye Wrinkles!

    Posted by Wendy S on Apr 22nd 2016

    I use this cream on my face every morning. It's light than the Bee Balm Cream- Calendula Pomegranate that I use every night. I didn't even realize that my "crows feet" had disappeared until my brother asked me if I'd noticed any affect on "wrinkles". This cream does not clog facial pores & I've struggled with black heads and enlarged pores on my nose all of my life. At 50, my skin is clear & healthy, no clogged pores, no eczema break outs & wrinkles are disappearing. That's a magical jar of cream!

  60. The Very Best

    Posted by Lou on Apr 8th 2016

    This product is a cure all for all irritations to the skin. A dermatologist prescribed a cortisone preparation for the exzema on my face which I used for 3 months with very little effect. Guess what??? I used Bee Balm Face Cream next which almost eradicated the rash and reddened areas on my cheeks. It also smoothed the wrinkles. I will use it forever! Terrific cream!

  61. LOVE IT!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 6th 2016

    The only product that is natural not irritating to my skin and gives me the best results for hydration, wrinkle control, helps with burns and bug bites! Truly does everything it promises! :)

  62. perfect balance for my face

    Posted by Stephanie on Mar 31st 2016

    I use this in the morning and at night. It keeps my face feeling perfectly balanced. It is a nice creaminess to apply evenly but wears really light. I originally purchased this because it was local, now I've moved and find myself ordering because it is just that great.

  63. The Best

    Posted by Laura Surowick-Snyder on Mar 23rd 2016

    I use this cream every night before bed since Christmas and my face is now BEAUTIFUL, soft, wonderful texture and color I am 61 but look 16 LOL

  64. Best Face Cream

    Posted by EB on Mar 17th 2016

    I have tried many face creams and this is the most healing to my dry scaly skin. I no longer have scales on my face and there is no clogging from this cream. It also helped heal my eczema and finger nails that crack over the winter. Excellent product!! Highly recommend for those with dry skin.

  65. every good

    Posted by Carin on Mar 7th 2016

    It works well! Try it

  66. A little goes a long way.

    Posted by Stacy Krotine on Jan 26th 2016

    This balm is very moisturizing. A little goes a long way. I use a small dab on my hand a mix with water. This a great balm for your face especially during the winter. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. This will nourish your skin all day. Thank you Karen and Patrick.

  67. Bee Balm for hair!?

    Posted by Brenda on Dec 29th 2015

    I am afro american with fine curly hair.It is hard to keep moisture in my hair all day.I just got my jar yesterday and read where it locks in moisture.Well I tried it last night and again this morning and I am all shiny and new.I know it 's for the skin.I did use it on my face and body as well.Just thought I would share.You do no need much on the hair . I love it on my face and body.Will be ordering more. Have not used the Rosemary and Mint Shampoo bar yet, but will soon.

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