The 3 A's of Bees- Why Bee Based Products are Superior for Skin

The 3 A's of Bees- Why Bee Based Products are Superior for Skin

Published by Patrick on Jan 20th 2016

Countless are the conversations in which the Morning Song Gardens family has been asked why bee products (wax, honey) revolve around everything we produce. Although the answers are almost equal in number, we thought it more prudent to begin with a few easy-to-remember golden nuggets of beeswax knowledge. We’re calling these the 3 A's of Bees. Hint: They’ll begin with the letter A and we’ll underline.

Every October we NE Ohioans are reminded that winter is coming and Lake Erie will be assisting its wrath. This means harsh winds that burn, extreme cold that extracts moisture, as well as bitter dryness in the air that cracks skin. When pure bee products are applied to the skin they form a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental assaults, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Let’s add to that protective barrier the natural anti-inflammatory properties in beeswax that have been found to help encourage the healing of small wounds. This equals complete protection in those dry, itchy, irritated, cracked and chapped areas where all other methods have fallen short. No wonder bee products are often used in balms, creams, lotion, soap, salves etc. Unlike commercial soap or lotion ingredients made from petroleum (nearly everything at your drug store), bee products don’t “suffocate” the skin buy clogging pores. Petroleum based products seem to aid at first, but are inevitably drying you out more in a season where every drop of moisture counts. Hangnail high-five anyone?


As we zoom in further with our beginner microscope we’ll find that pure beeswax and honey are said to contain antiviral properties. These healing properties may help to treat viral lesions and rashes on the skin, according to a review of studies published in the "Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products" in 2013, though research is limited. However, beeswax and honey are proven to contain natural anti-viral compounds and prohibit the growth of other harmful organisms. Of course if you have an infection or wound, consult your doctor before self-treating it with beeswax or honey.


Like a good “first consult your doctor” disclaimer in a blog? Tell that to accident Egyptians who used beeswax and honey as an antibacterial and wound covering, and then try explaining universal health care to them. Honey may be the first recorded medicine, having been documented in the Smith Papyrus of Egypt, which dates to between 2200-2600 BC. Since ancient times honey has been renowned for its wound-healing properties. With the advent of antibiotics, clinical application of honey has been neglected in modern Western medicine, although it is still used in many cultures. The overwhelming use of antibiotics has resulted in widespread resistance; thus alternative antibacterial & antimicrobial strategies are necessary.

You’ve just receive a quick cornucopia of knowledge regarding bee products like beeswax and honey. Of course there are 1000’s of articles, multiple studies, and historical facts out there. We encourage you to further your knowledge and quest for naturally healthy, beautiful skin as we have. Whether you utilize our natural skin care products or other great bee products on the market; please, please, throw away that giant economy lotion bottle with the pump on top. You may be saving some money, but you’re not doing your skin any favors.

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